The Amazon Buy Box

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What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is a key feature of Amazon. Basically, it is the “add to cart” button on the right-hand side of your screen, or at the bottom of your screen, if you’re surfing through your phone. Amazon decides which seller will get to be the default choice when the buyer clicks “add to cart”. This happens only when the product is sold by third-party sellers, and not Amazon itself.

When several merchants are selling the exact same product, Amazon has to choose which one of them will be the one featured when the “add to cart” button is activated.

Most Amazon users don’t know that the “add to cart” button is actually Amazon’s choice between competing sellers, the result of an automatic bidding system. All other sellers are featured in the “new”, “used” and/or “refurbished” links, below the main list price area.

It’s important to know that the Buy Box is NOT the “more buying options” area, the box below the “add to cart” box. Also, products sold exclusively by Amazon are not part of the buybox bidding system.

Winning the Amazon Buy Box

A seller must be eligible for a “Featured Merchant” status in order to win the Buy box. According to Amazon, the Buy Box eligibility is determined by various factors, among them are: pricing (low prices), stock availability (in stock) and seller performance metrics. Should a seller meet all or most of those requirements, he will get a “Featured Merchant” status. Only featured merchants are eligible for the Amazon Buy Box. Besides eligibility Amazon takes into account additional considerations such as fulfillment channel, ratings and reviews as well as historical sales volume when assigning Buy Box to a seller.

Even though Amazon sellers are provided with several tools that allow them to track their performance on the site, Amazon does not disclose the metric targets, which are required in order to become a featured merchant and enter the bidding process for the “add to cart” button in the Buy Box.

As an eligible seller, you can try and increase your chances of winning the Buy Box by following the tips mentioned above. Feedvisor is here to help you with that task, by offering a unique amazon seller software to help you win the Buy Box and show as the default choice for “add to cart” clicks.


How will Feedvisor help me win the Buybox

It’s no secret that there is a very stiff competition between third-party sellers on Amazon. In order to succeed, you have to cope with different technical issues, such as optimal repricing, duplicate listings, market trends, profit optimization, risk management and more.

In order to manage your marketplace efficiently, Feedvisor has launched an algorithmic repricing solution for Amazon. Feedvisor’s repricing software allows sellers to determine prices, without a preset group of rules. The repricing algorithms are capable of learning each competitive situation individually, and then taking the necessary action automatically.


For more information:

Check out our latest version of the Buy Box Bible, or contact Feedvisor for more tips and information about the Amazon buybox.


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