FBA Seller Sees Revenue Increase 6.5x with Feedvisor

“Coming on board with Feedvisor changed my entire operation.”

Jim Leibowitz | Founder and managing director of Undercuts
increase in revenue
increase in profit
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Growing An Amazon Business

Despite Jim Leibowitz’s best efforts, the first few months of his fledgling Amazon business were difficult and frustrating. Sales were dropping, he was in the dark regarding profits, and Amazon’s limited business reports were of little help. A great deal of his time was taken up by manually lowering his prices to undercut competitors — a process he went through seven to eight times a day. Jim found himself perpetually entangled in price wars that sapped his energy — and his profits.

“I had one main competitor and I was racking my brain trying to understand how any person could invest hours a day to manually reprice. That’s when I found out this whole concept of repricers. I started doing my research.”

He looked at multiple repricing solutions on the market, but found they would just give him more of the same: a race to the bottom or else big upfront fees. On the brink of throwing in the towel and giving up on Amazon selling altogether, he chose to give it one last go with Feedvisor. Jim decided to give it a shot. If it didn’t work, he would forget Amazon.


A Repricer That Promotes Business Growth and Visibility

Bigger Inventory and Bigger Profits

Soon after setting up Feedvisor, Jim was immediately struck by how he could go weeks without even glancing at his pricing. When he did, it was only to look into one or two challenging products. With all the time he saved, Jim devoted himself to strategizing for growth, sourcing new products and expanding his inventory. Jim came to Feedvisor in January 2016 with a narrow inventory range and modest sales; by September of that year, his sales volume shot up to $151,000!

It wasn’t just the quantity of ASINs that grew. He was also growing his profit margins. Today, nearly a year after joining Feedvisor, Jim boasts an average profit margin of 27%. He observes his friends who are also selling on Amazon, and settling for profit margins of two or four percent. He chalks up this dramatic difference to Feedvisor’s sophisticated repricing capabilities, saying it all begins at the Buy Box.

“I was mind-boggled by how I would find myself in the Buy Box at a higher price than my competitors. Feedvisor would move the pricing back up after dropping it to trick the competition. And it worked.”

In addition to his climbing sales volume and profit margin, Jim saw his revenue rise by 6.5x in just seven months – from $23,000 in January to $150,000 in August.

“When I talk to my friends who have Amazon businesses and aren’t using Feedvisor, my narrative to them is: you guys can’t even begin to comprehend how much time and money you’re losing every day.”

Revenue Intelligence Dashboard

One of Jim’s biggest complaints before using Feedvisor was that he had no idea what his profits were, let alone what was driving them. With Feedvisor’s revenue intelligence dashboard, he was finally able to see not only how much money he was making, but where it was coming from.

“Being able to walk into my office in the morning, take a look at my business as a whole, and have a clear understanding of what’s going on is priceless.”

Jim says he doesn’t start his day without checking his seller metrics on Feedvisor, including the 30-day trailing information, profits, units sold, and sales. He uses
these dynamic insights to make smarter business decisions in real time.

When asked about his favorite feature on the Feedvisor dashboard, Jim immediately brings up the replenishment report, which tells him when it’s time to re-stock items. In order to minimize time spent on replenishing, he deliberately overstocks items. While the report functions on a 30-day basis, he works on a 60-day scale, ensuring he has at least two months’ worth of stock at Amazon so he doesn’t have to deal with replenishing as frequently. The system he’s devised for himself, aided by Feedvisor’s analytical capabilities, allows him to focus on sourcing new products.


It’s no accident that Jim exponentially grew his business in under a year. Feedvisor’s automatic repricing software saved him an enormous amount of time, enabling him to devote himself to sourcing new items. Rather than blindly undercut his competition and erode his profits, Feedvisor’s datadriven algorithm frequently increased his Buy Box share while managing to sell his ASINs at a higher price. The combination of in-depth business reports and smart repricing makes Jim enthusiastically recommend Feedvisor to other growth-minded Amazon sellers.

Jim Leibowitz started Undercuts, a health and beauty supplies reseller on Amazon, in June 2015. He was manually repricing products multiple times a day, and had little idea of what his profits were. After realizing he needed to automate his repricing, he decided to sign on with Feedvisor in January 2016.

Within just seven months, Jim saw his monthly sales go from $23,000 a month to $150,000 a month in August 2016 — an increase of over 6.5x! In large part, he links this success to Feedvisor’s revenue intelligence dashboard, which gave him greater visibility over his business, as well as the repricer’s capacity to keep his prices high while still winning the Buy Box.