Virahealth Experiences 57% Increase in Profit Margins Since Joining Feedvisor

"I don’t think there is a better repricer than Feedvisor. The data and reporting that we get back from Feedvisor has been extremely beneficial for our margins and overall profitability. Our account manager is always available for support if we run into an issue. Feedvisor is the total package for growing your online business."

Maziar Elya | President and CEO of Virahealth
increase in profit margins
increase in gross profits


Finding the Right Solution for Business Automation and Growth

Initially, Virahealth started out small on Amazon, selling on the marketplace as an additional source of income. However, once they hit their stride and their sales started to grow, repricing their 500+ SKU portfolio manually became immensely time-consuming and hard to manage.

They knew that the next step to streamlining their Amazon operation was finding the right platform that would automate their repricing efforts and help drive profitability at the same time. With the business intelligence analytics from Feedvisor at their fingertips, they would not only be able to omit human error and save time, but focus on optimizing other areas of their business and achieving their business goals.


Real-Time Repricing and Business Intelligence in One Place

  • When comparing February-May 2018 to the previous four months, Virahealth’s profits increased by 26% and margins by 57%.
  • For their top ten best-selling items, Virahealth was able to charge a higher price than their competitors while either maintaining or dominating the Buy Box.
  • In addition to the powerful results above, Virahealth also experienced an increase in ordered items across their catalog with Feedvisor.

“Through data, Feedvisor allows you to track your sales and overall business performance at both a big-picture and granular view. The in-depth data allows us to draw out information for our specific business needs.”


Virahealth Receives Ongoing Marketplace Optimization With Feedvisor

Given that Maziar’s company sells strictly on Amazon and in the B2B wholesale market, they will continue to focus on strengthening their Amazon operation and optimizing their marketplace strategy. They understand the power of Feedvisor’s AI-fueled algorithms and look forward to leveraging the data provided to them in the dashboards to increase business performance and profitability as they scale.

“The Feedvisor platform is very easy to use and, with its machine-learning algorithms, updates your items’ pricing in real-time according to market changes. The return on investment and profitability that we’ve experienced with Feedvisor is fantastic.”


Virahealth was founded in September of 2013, focusing on the distribution of durable medical equipment to small and mid-sized medical office suppliers and independent pharmacies. As a result of healthcare reform, the competitive landscape became extremely demanding and the company looked for new products and sales channels to diversify to.

In mid-2014, Virahealth expanded to Amazon for supplemental income and have since integrated e-commerce into their operation. The company’s catalog has expanded and their primary products are pharmacy items such as over-the-counter medicine and health and beauty products. Amazon is becoming a larger portion of their business every year.

“Unlike other software, Feedvisor gives you valuable data through its reporting. The data, along with our dedicated account manager, provides ample information that allows us to make impactful business decisions about our products.”