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TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Feedvisor, the world’s first algorithmic pricing and revenue intelligence platform for online retailers, is today unveiling its new brand and website. Having defined a new discipline called Algo-Commerce, the company will now be known as Feedvisor — The Algo-Commerce Company. Algo-Commerce is the discipline of using Big Data and Machine Learning Algorithms to make business-critical decisions for online retailers.

“With vast amount of transactions occurring in today’s online marketplaces, e-commerce has solidly entered the Big Data age. However, access to Big Data alone is not sufficient,” said Victor Rosenman, CEO and Founder of Tel-Aviv based Feedvisor. “Like a refinery that turns oil into fuel, our proprietary machine learning algorithms turn this Big Data into actionable insights and real-time pricing decisions that drive a retailer’s business growth. That’s what our new brand seeks to encapsulate.”

In Algo-Commerce, hundreds of thousands of data-points are analysed in real-time, solving complex problems faster and more effectively than any human-based solution. Based on Feedvisor’s extensive research, it combines mathematical and statistical models with predictive analytics and Business Intelligence to completely eliminate human error in business-critical decision-making.

“As human beings, we naturally carry a set of biases which impact our ability to make accurate pricing decisions,” continued Rosenman. “Feedvisor’s self-learning algorithms eliminate this bias, driving more effective and powerful results.”

In the last year alone, Feedvisor’s customer base has grown by 200% and over $1billion in gross merchandise sales are now managed by the Feedvisor platform. As 2016 approaches, and with it, Feedvisor’s plans to extend its product capabilities and marketplace reach, the need for Algo-driven commerce is more apparent than ever.


About Feedvisor:

Feedvisor is the pioneer of Algo-Commerce — the discipline of using Big Data and Machine Learning Algorithms to make business critical decisions for online retailers.

Feedvisor’s cloud-based Algorithmic Repricing and Revenue Intelligence solutions power millions of pricing decisions daily; providing retailers with actionable insights to maximize profitability and drive their business growth.

For more information, please visit www.feedvisor.com