The 2015 Guide to Fulfillment by Amazon

Want to get the most out of your Amazon sales? One of the most immediate and significant changes a seller can make is using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

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Price Changes

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Inventory Selection

How FBA influences the discoverability and buyability of your products

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Key advantages and disadvantages of FBA

About the Authors

Feedvisor is the pioneer of Algo-Commerce – the discipline of using Big Data and Machine Learning Algorithms to make business-critical decisions for online retailers.

Feedvisor’s cloud-based Algorithmic Repricing and Revenue Intelligence solutions power millions of pricing decisions daily, providing retailers with actionable insights to maximize profitability and drive their business growth.

CPC Strategy is a retail-focused digital marketing agency that specializes in driving performance growth on the channels that most directly impact a retailer’s digital bottom line.

Founded in 2007, CPC executes on strategy and management for retailers and brands on Google, Amazon, Facebook, and other product advertising channels.

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Chapter 1

Fulfillment by Amazon: The Basics

Chapter 2

How FBA Affects Product Discoverability & Buyability

Chapter 3

FBA Fees

Chapter 4

The Pros & Cons of FBA

Chapter 5

Conducting a Catalog Analysis of FBA Inventory Analysis