The 2016 Buy Box Bible

Your ultimate guide to the Amazon Buy Box. Learn exactly what you need to do to win the Buy Box! See your sales grow and your profits soar.

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What's in the eBook?

In the 2016 Buy Box Bible, you’ll discover:

How the Buy Box works and what variables it considers

All the pro hacks you need to win the Buy Box

New metrics introduced by Amazon and what they mean for you

About the Buy Box Bible

The 2016 edition of the Buy Box Bible is our third to date. With over 15,000 downloads since the first edition, this book continues to be the definitive guide to winning the Amazon Buy Box. Find out which key variables affect your Buy Box share, how to improve your seller performance, and boost your profit through our actionable strategies.

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Chapter 1

What Is the Buy Box?

Chapter 2

How Important is the Buy Box?

Chapter 3

Buy Box Misconceptions and Myths

Chapter 4

How the Buy Box Works

Chapter 5

Buy Box Requirements

Chapter 6

Secondary to the Buy Box

Chapter 7

Amazon Mobile Buy Box

Chapter 8

The Variables That Affect the Buy Box

Chapter 9

Winning the Buy Box

Chapter 10

Improving Seller Performance

Chapter 11

Optimizing Your Prices

Chapter 12

The Amazon Acronym Glossary

Chapter 13

The Buy Box Cheat Sheet