The Secret Sauce of Five Multimillion-Dollar Amazon Sellers

The Strategic Guide to Growing a Profitable Online Business

The one-stop shop for everything a high-volume online seller needs to know about getting the most value on multimillion-dollar scalability. This practical guide is full of real insights and growth tips from five seasoned entrepreneurs who know exactly what it takes to make it on Amazon and beyond.


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What's in the guide?

In this strategic guide, top Amazon sellers Russell Wollam, Barry Lampert, Mendel Mangel, Joe Jonovich, and Michael Ward uncover:

Tried and tested methodologies for scaling a multimillion-dollar business

Behind-the-scenes insights on the processes and operations that are critical to success

Game-changing hacks on how to stay competitive in a fluctuating eCommerce arena

Barry Lampert
Managing Partner at Hey Pharma

"At the end of the day, my time is better served on how to push the business, so that’s where I focus most of my efforts.”

Michael Ward
Owner of Best Costume and Toy Deals

"The difference between you and the next person is the decisions you make on how to manage your business.”

Take a sneak peek inside the guide

Chapter 1

Russell Wollam, Founder of Choice Brands Group

Chapter 2

Barry Lampert, Managing Partner at Hey Pharma

Chapter 3

Mendel Mangel, Director of Sales at EMD

Chapter 4

Joe Jonovich, CEO and Founder of ePestHero

Chapter 5

Michael Ward, Owner of Best Costume and Toy Deals