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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

By Catie Grasso July 18, 2018
The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime
Catie Grasso
About the Author

Catie Grasso is a marketing content writer for Feedvisor. Previously a B2B product marketing specialist, she enjoys running, trying new restaurants, and planning her next trip overseas.

Consumer research revealed that in 2017, Amazon Prime members were estimated to spend an average of $1,300 per year, compared to $700 from non-Prime members. Now, in the second half of 2018, that disparity is likely to be even greater — Prime members not only leverage Amazon’s free two-day delivery, they also take advantage of media content, event offers, and discounts at Whole Foods. For being loyal shoppers and paying an annual subscription fee, Amazon is opening up a world of instantly accessible goods and services for this growing customer base.

Alongside Amazon Prime’s surging global membership (at more than 100 million), Amazon is now seeing a massive increase in Seller Fulfilled Prime, their self-service fulfillment method for online retailers. It is no surprise Amazon’s business development team was tasked with growing the program, given that it is flexible for sellers and frees up resources for Amazon. It grants qualified Professional sellers the Prime badge on orders fulfilled from their own warehouses. Like Fulfillment by Amazon, SFP requires sellers to deliver on the Prime promise and Amazon holds the program to the same customer-first performance metric requirements.

To aid sellers interested in SFP, Feedvisor has created the “The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.” Whether you are considering the program, just starting out with SFP, or want new strategies for optimizing your SFP operations, this guide will help. It’s compact, easy-to-navigate, and includes everything that you need to know in order to maximize results with Seller Fulfilled Prime.

From qualification criteria and performance requirements to the advantages of the program and Amazon repricing software that is SFP-compatible, the guide drills into specifics on how to begin, maintain, and accelerate a Seller Fulfilled Prime operation. Sellers can learn which product categories have seen success with the program, uncover insider tactics to adhere to Amazon’s rigorous performance standards, and discover how SFP is fully customizable and can be leveraged for a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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