Buy Box

The Buy Box is a highlighted area on the Product Detail page that appears when a buyer searches for an item on Amazon. This section is reserved for elite sellers, and the placement within this section is highly coveted by the competitive sellers on Amazon.

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The Importance of the Buy Box

The same product may be sold by different sellers on Amazon Marketplace. All new items sold by Featured Merchants will show on the product detail page and compete for the Buy Box on the page. The strategic significance of the Buy Box is it being the starting point for customers, who add items to their shopping cart. For many sellers, this placement may lead to increased product sales. To win the Buy Box, sellers must consistently meet high standards of performance. The Buy Box winning item is determined based on price and availability, among other things.

A seller cannot simply be listed in the Buy Box by meeting certain criteria. Instead, the position is given out randomly to members who fall within a specified field of requirements. Note that meeting the requirements does not guarantee the seller a space in the Buy Box, but one cannot be listed in this area without meeting those requirements. The necessary criteria include:

  • Featured Merchant Status. This is a scale that is used to measure the quality of a seller’s practices. All sellers are encouraged to keep their Seller Ratings on a high level.
  • Competitive prices. Buyers are entitled to specify how much they are willing to pay for a product. Therefore, if a seller is offering the item in question for more than the buyer is willing to pay, this listing will not show up within the search results, and certainly not in the Buy Box.
  • Product availability. If a seller is out of the item when the buyer is looking, this will not help anyone make sales. Sellers are, therefore, urged to keep inventories well stocked and up to date.

Buy Used Box

Within the Amazon marketplace, there is a wide variety of products. Some of these items are new, but many of them are used. The term used can vary greatly in essence from just having opened the packaging to well-worn and torn. If a buyer is looking for a deal on an item, often the best way to find a bargain is to search for a used copy of the product in question. The Buy Used Box is available for buyers who have opened their search results to include used items. It is found directly below the Buy Box, and there is just as much competition and necessity to have products featured in this area. Note: Only Pro Merchant account holders and Fulfillment By Amazon sellers who also meet the ODR metrics may be listed in this area.