Vendor Central

Vendor Central

Vendor Central is a portal used to facilitate business between Amazon and private vendors. One of the key aspects of Amazon’s success in the book industry is the platform of selling programs that it provides. These programs welcome both vendors – those who have distribution rights to titles – and Individual Sellers. Vendors sell to Amazon and Amazon, in turn, sells to the buyer, while Individual Sellers pay Amazon a fee to use the Amazon site as a means of selling to buyers directly.

How It Works

Vendor Central is a web interface that helps vendors satisfy their customers’ needs, smoothly and efficiently. The Vendor Central portal allows vendors (only those invited by Amazon) to do business with Once set up, the vendors receive payment from Amazon on a monthly basis, on wholesale terms. Before that can happen, of course, the buyer orders from Amazon and pays Amazon, and Amazon ships the merchandise. If the buyer is making the purchase from a vendor, the product page will specify, “In Stock, Shipped and Sold by” This model is similar both to Amazon’s Fulfillment Program and to the self-service consignment program of Amazon Advantage.

Advantages of Vendor Central

Vendor Central permits legally licensed suppliers, merchants, publishers, music labels, and movie studios to post their images to accompany products being sold on the platform. It also has functions that allow vendors to organize their orders, produce sales reports, and so on.