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Feedvisor's award-winning AI optimizes campaign performance 24/7. Optimize your ad performance with sophisticated automation. Work with Feedvisor's Amazon experts to get started right and stay on top.
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Our clients see results:


increase in revenues


increase in profits


improvement in RoAS/ACoS


increase in ad sales


improvement in sales rank

A sophisticated software platform for maximizing advertising performance and profitability

All Ad Types Supported

Build any type of Amazon Ad campaign: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands Video, Sponsored Display, and Amazon DSP

Customized Reporting & Insights

Holistic reporting that cares about your bottom-line. Get total account visibility to inform your decisions.

24/7 Optimization

Free up your time and maximize efficiency. The Feedvisor platform optimizes performance 24/7.


Advanced Advertising Technology

Actionable Analytics with Automation Software

Feedvisor's dashboard simplifies and unifies reporting for your Amazon sales channel. Gain insight and clarity to make better decisions with live reporting. When combined with our patented AI, Feedvisor automates the tedious, time-consuming tasks associated with Amazon Advertising optimization.

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More than Great Software

Meet Your Amazon Advertising Team

Our dedicated team of 1P and 3P Amazon experts provides hands-on, agency-like services in tandem with our AI engine’s powerful, automated optimizations. From creating your Amazon DSP campaigns and executing your media strategy to managing PPC budgets and creating weekly performance reports, our experts provide ongoing strategy optimizations and support every step of the way.
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Optimize Advertising + Pricing

A Full-Funnel Platform To Grow Sales

Combine Feedvisor's algorithmic pricing solution for a full-funnel optimization platform for your Amazon sales channel. Feedvisor360 uses advertising, pricing, and inventory data to make automated adjustments, which results in the perfect combination maximizing your profit. No other offering provides this level of integrated and automated decision making.
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Start optimizing your Amazon advertising, free for 60 days

Partner with our team of 1P and 3P Amazon Advertising experts. Start making the most of your ad dollars with powerful AI that automates bid management to maximize profit.

Work with our Amazon Advertising experts to setup your Feedvisor account and get you setup for success to start seeing results in your first 60 days, totally free.

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