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The Only Inventory-Aware Performance Optimization Platform for Sellers, Private Labels, and Brands on Amazon and Walmart

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A New Era of Optimization for E-Marketplaces

The only AI solution engineered for peak performance by simultaneously optimizing pricing and advertising.

Dynamic Pricing

If You Own
the Buy Box
  • Drives demand through AI-Driven pricing actions leveraging dynamically created demand curves and elasticity models
  • Optimizes for Sales and Profitability while accounting for ongoing changes in Traffic, Conversion Rates and BSR
  • Accounts for forecasted supply, inventory health and advertising spend to optimize inventory utilization and operational profitability


If You Compete
for the Buy Box
  • Outsmarts competition by continuously learning market dynamics, competitive pricing patterns, and price-change frequencies
  • Reprices in real-time to win more Buy Box at higher price points
  • Prevents price wars, increases margins, sales and profitability
  • Minimizes exposure to excess inventory and low stock fees


  • Sponsored Ads and DSP optimization aligned with dynamic pricing and promotional strategies
  • Performance-driven automated keyword harvesting
  • Continuous bid adjustments based on hourly trends of traffic and conversion rates
  • Amazon and Walmart full funnel optimization
  • AMC analysis including user pathing, attribution models, and custom audiences
  • Available as self-serve or managed service

Strategy and Intelligence

Data-Driven Strategies, Insights, and Content
  • Media strategies, projections, and plans to drive discovery, engagement, and conversions
  • Best-in-class product listings (image and A+ content creation) and data-driven SEO
  • Brand Store design and end-to-end brand experience and creative management
  • Dashboards to understand competition, share, and trends, and track SKU-level performance and profitability
  • Inventory trends and forecasting analysis linked to pricing and advertising strategies

The Fastest, Smartest Inventory-Aware Repricer Ever

The only AI-based repricing platform THAT IS INVENTORY AWARE

Superior Repricing Powered by AI Responds to Inventory Levels to Minimize Fees and Increase Profits

Drive profitable growth with the only enterprise platform that is inventory aware and specifically designed to serve the ever-evolving needs of your business whether you own the buy box or compete for the buy box.

Feedvisor’s AI monitors competitive landscape, inventory, traffic and trends and takes actions in real time to minimize fees and grow revenue. Enables connected pricing across Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and other major marketplaces.
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Feedvisor Pricing


Win More Buy Box With the Fastest AI-Powered Repricer for Growing Sellers starting at $100 per month

Tailored to meet the needs of growing sellers, our platform is not only incredibly powerful but also remarkably simple to use. And the best part? It’s affordably priced to ensure that businesses of all sizes can harness its potential.

Experience rapid growth in sales and maximize your profits with our cutting-edge repricing solution that consistently outsmarts your competition in real-time. Our patented AI technology allows you to elevate sales velocity without succumbing to price wars. Try us free for 14 days.
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Achieve Amazon Advertising Domination
Through Unmatched A.I.

Ad sizes


The Ad Optimization Platform and Team You Need to Maximize Your Marketplace Potential

Using machine learning algorithms and big data across Amazon and Walmart, our advertising platform supercharges campaign performance for efficient discovery, engagements, and conversions.

Leverage our AI-First tech across Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display, including Video ad formats and targeting options. Combined with our DSP expert managed services, grow your sales, profitability, SOV, and customer value, while saving your team valuable time. Available as either self-serve or managed services.
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The Most Powerful Solution You Need to Scale Profitably on E-Marketplaces

Operating on Amazon and Walmart has become progressively complex. We understand the unique challenges that brands, sellers, and retailers face, and we have the unique tools, powered by proprietary technology and data, to ensure you always outperform your competitors.

For Competitive Buy Box Sellers

Using advanced, proprietary algorithms and machine-learning technology, our autonomous platform continuously analyzes marketplace data and trends to take real-time optimization actions, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge, drive demand, and grow your market share.

  • Win the Buy Box and Increase Profits
  • Capture Demand and Increase Ad Sales
  • Identify and Leverage Conversion Opportunities
  • Monitor Competitive Landscape and Operational Insights
  • Responds to Inventory Levels and Traffic to Listings
For Brands and Private Labels


Our dynamic pricing and intelligent media platform coupled with our expert marketing services are proven drivers of discoverability, engagement, and conversions correlated with increasing BSR, Search Rank, and Share of Voice. Gain insights into your competitive performance and ensure your brand is accurately priced and represented across marketplaces.

  • Dynamic Pricing to Optimize Profits and Growth
  • Outperform with AI-Optimized Campaigns Through the Funnel
  • Responds to Inventory Levels and Traffic to Listings
  • Tracks Performance, Competition, Trends, and Makes AI-Powered Decisions in Real Time

Feedvisor has become an indispensable component to our Amazon Ad strategy. Their platform and expert team have enabled us to increase market share and optimize our presence on Amazon, and we are very impressed with the consistent results we have seen across our clicks, conversions, sales, and ACoS. The predictive reporting and automated optimizations allow us to always stay one step ahead of our competitors while increasing our operational efficiency beyond human capabilities.

Adam Shaffer | EVP, General Manager, Chief Marketing Officer | Omni-Channel Distribution

Unlock Comprehensive Insights with Intuitive AI-Powered Analytics

Make Data-Backed Decisions

Robust Reporting, Analytics, and Intelligence

Access real-time analytics in our intuitive, AI-powered UI and clearly identify KPIs like SKU-level profitability through our advanced dashboards, so you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your performance, competition, and operational metrics.

As a Managed Services customer, receive weekly reports on your performance metrics and growth trajectory.

Industry-Leading AI: Your Path to E-Commerce Excellence

The Only End-to-End Solution You Need

Leading Technology and E‑Commerce Experts

From helping you navigate the onboarding process to creating customized reports and operational business management, our dedicated e-commerce experts are here to guide you through in-depth training, hands-on optimizations, planning, and support on an ongoing basis — all while leveraging our industry-leading, AI-based technology and 11+ Terabytes of proprietary data.
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Learn what Feedvisor can do for your business.

When you partner with Feedvisor, you automatically receive access to our powerful AI-driven technology and hands-on team of e-commerce experts. Contact one of our team members today to learn more about our end-to-end solution for brands and large sellers on Amazon, Walmart, and e-Marketplaces.

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