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Feedvisor Technology Feature

Patented Repricing Technology for Competitive FBA Sellers

Designed to help large sellers maximize marketplace performance and results, our Amazon algorithmic repricer ensures that you will win the Buy Box at the optimal price, every time. Taking into consideration factors like fulfillment, inventory, and every variable that impacts how the Buy Box winner and share are determined, the data-driven software provides continuous intelligent pricing to help you effectively drive demand and profit.


Dynamic Repricing for Brands and Private Labels

Feedvisor’s ProductSphere pricing technology enables brands and private labels to win against the competition on Amazon. Machine-learning algorithms identify your competitors in search and optimize prices in real time according to your Amazon business objectives, such as revenue, profit, or liquidation.

Increase Amazon Sales & Profits

Get more Buy Box share at better prices. Feedvisor’s algorithmic Amazon repricer evaluates all Buy Box variables and crunches a myriad of data points in real-time to maximize your Buy Box potential. Not only is our product the smartest and fastest solution on the market, our machine-learning engine ensures it’s always optimized for your business goals.

Cutting-Edge Automation Technology

Powered by artificial intelligence, Feedvisor’s award-winning repricer has revolutionized marketplace selling with its best-in-class, automated technology. Aggregating billions of data points in real-time, the powerful and fast algorithmic repricer responds to dynamic market conditions to fuel growth.

SKU-Level Insights

Put your profits first with Feedvisor’s bias-free approach. Our machine-learning algorithms analyze real-time market conditions, seller performance, competition, and your targets to determine the optimal price, maximizing your overall profits. Receive a comprehensive P&L analysis, inclusive of shipping and handling, returns, and advertising costs, to better understand the most and least profitable SKUs in your assortment.

Track & Outpace Your Amazon Competitors

Understand where you are priced competitively, where you are not competitive, and how your reviews and ratings compare to your key competitors. Leverage your sales and order data to identify trends and seasonality, forecast appropriately, and optimize top sellers — all to get ahead of the competition.

Optimize Your Inventory and Return Rate

Ensure your stock levels on Amazon are always optimal with our inventory replenishment manager. With our returns analysis, slice-and-dice your returns data by volume, value, SKU, vendor, and brand to show how returns impact your profitability and operational inventory management.

Manage Pricing Across Amazon, eBay, and Other E-Marketplaces

Feedvisor’s repricing software automatically manages pricing decisions across your portfolio, ensuring the highest return on your inventory whether on Amazon, eBay, or your online store, and make more informed decisions at both the channel and portfolio level. You can leverage our AI-driven Amazon repricer to automatically update prices on other channels and track your performance across multiple e-commerce channels.


Amazon Repricing Experts

Working with Feedvisor means having access to our team of data-driven repricing experts with deep experience in Amazon price optimization. Receive strategic recommendations and strategy optimizations to understand the impact your marketplace strategies have on your operational metrics, know how your product pricing and reviews compare to your competitors, and accurately predict inventory needs and maintain proper stock levels using real-time, actionable insights based on in-depth analyses of your profitability and business needs.

“I was mind-boggled by how I would find myself in the Buy Box at a higher price than my competitors.”

— Jim | Enterprise FBA Seller

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