AI-Powered, Inventory-Aware Dynamic Price Optimization

Experience cutting-edge dynamic price optimization for private labels and brands and AI-driven algorithmic repricing for competitive sellers. Our groundbreaking AI reduces inventory fees while optimizing sales and profits. Selling on multiple marketplaces? Feedvisor ensures consistent pricing across key platforms to prevent listing suppression, all presented in a consolidated dashboard.

If You Own the Buy Box


The Most Advanced AI-Driven Pricing to Optimize Sales and Profitability

Leveraging AI-driven pricing actions, our algorithmic technology drives demand by dynamically creating demand curves and elasticity models, optimizing sales and profitability while considering ongoing changes in traffic, conversion rates, and BSR, and accounting for forecasted supply, inventory health, and advertising spend to maximize inventory utilization and operational profitability.

Increase Amazon Sales and Profits With Smart AI

Feedvisor's proprietary ProductSphere technology continually maps private label ASIN competition at the SKU-specific level, ensuring you have the optimal price each time.

Optimizes Demand With Price Elasticity Modeling

Using sophisticated price elasticity modeling, our AI-driven algorithms continuously test various price points to detect changes in demand patterns, enabling precise, dynamic pricing decisions that improve sales and achieve your business objectives.

Understands Competition, Inventory, Traffic and Brand Strength

By constantly assessing the competitive landscape, brand strength, and consumer demand, correlating these factors with price elasticity and seasonal trends to determine the optimal price for achieving strategic objectives, our AI-powered platform ensures competitive pricing.

AI-Strategic Pricing That Also Improves Advertising Efficiency

Real-time price and bidding optimizations work together to holistically and continuously increase demand, revenue and profits.

If You Compete for the Buy Box


Feedvisor360 Algorithmic Repricing

Using the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Feedvisor’s leading industry technology is able to maximize the Buy Box without compromising margins for Amazon FBA and FBM sellers.


Feedvisor Essentials

Our robust yet affordable, award-winning AI-powered repricer, built for emerging sellers, consistently outsmarts your competition in every repricing cycle driving sales and profits. 

Maximize the Buy Box

Feedvisor maximizes the Buy Box for FBA and FBM sellers by dynamically adjusting prices in real-time based on competitive analysis, inventory levels, and market demand.

Avoid Price Wars

Feedvisor's AI prevents price wars for FBA and FBM sellers by intelligently adjusting prices in real-time, ensuring competitive yet profitable pricing strategies.

Track and Outpace the Competition

Get real-time data on your competitor's pricing, ratings and reviews, Buy Box share, and fulfillment channel for your top 20 SKUs. (repricing message, ask Ken to give bullets on how we track and outpace comeptitors)

Price Faster Than the Competition

Our AI delivers the fastest real-time price optimizations, to continuously increases revenue and profits.

Reduce Inventory Fees While Maximizing Sales and Profits

Feedvisor's technology predicts potential fees and adjusts prices in real-time to avoid them, maximizing margins and driving sales revenue. Unlike rule-based repricers, we ensure you avoid low and excess inventory.

Our Clients See

Gold Standard

“Feedvisor is the Gold Standard in Al-Powered Repricing. They have bolstered our market position by making our pricing strategy more agile, data-driven, and profitable, giving us a true competitive edge.”


Mid-Market Seller

Seller Central

“You never have to log into Seller Central to do your pricing! You have lots of insight into the sales velocity of an item right at your fingertips while pricing which is also super valuable.”


Large Retailer

increase in revenues
increase in profits
increase in buy box share
improvement in sales rank


How is Feedvisor's price optimization different from others?

Feedvisor's AI-driven pricing actions utilize dynamically created demand curves and elasticity models to drive demand, optimizing for both sales and profitability while adapting to changes in traffic, conversion rates, and BSR. Our platform also accounts for forecasted supply, inventory health, and advertising spend to optimize inventory utilization and operational profitability, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness in your e-commerce operations.

What does inventory-aware mean?

"Inventory-aware" means our pricing optimization platform is capable of detecting and responding to fluctuations in inventory levels to avoid incurring additional fees. For example, Amazon charges FBA storage fees both when inventory levels are too high (i.e., items have been in stock for too long) and when they are too low. Feedvisor's technology not only identifies when inventory reaches these thresholds but also predicts when it might happen before any fees are incurred. Moreover, unlike most rule-based repricers, Feedvisor adjusts prices intelligently to avoid these fees while still maximizing margins and selling at optimal prices. All of this is automated, requiring no manual intervention or changes from the user.

Are all AI repricers the same?

No, all AI-repricers are not the same. Feedvisor pioneered AI-repricing and remains the industry leader. Our algorithms analyze billions of data points for precise real-time pricing accuracy.

Optimize Your Prices and Increase Sales on Amazon, Walmart, and Beyond

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