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sellers, brands, and private labels.
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One Platform, Two Levels of Amazon Price Optimization

For Amazon Sellers

Win the Buy Box With our Algorithmic Buy Box Repricer

Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the Feedvisor technology platform is able to maximize the Buy Box for Amazon FBA and FBM sellers. We consider 18 different data points within Amazon to calculate which seller wins the Buy Box and at what price.

  • Enables Real-Time Dynamic Repricing
  • Automatically Avoid Min/Max Price Errors
  • Analyzes Millions of Data Points & Competitive Situations
  • Maps the Competition on your ASIN
  • Optimizes for Buy Box Share, Sales, Profit or Liquidation
  • Optimizes Price Based on Inventory Availability
  • Allows unlimited Stores, ASIN’s and Users



For Private Label Sellers And Brands

Maximize Profitability & Sales With our Dynamic Pricing Platform

Our proprietary technology, ProductSphere™ , continuously price maps private label ASIN competition by identifying competing, complementary, and substitute products on a SKU-specific level.

  • Tracking All Complementary Products
  • Executes Explore-Exploit Price Changes
  • Optimizes for Revenue, Profit or Liquidation
  • Optimizes Price Based on Inventory Availability
  • Allows unlimited Stores, ASIN’s and Users



Best-in-class repricing for over a decade

Optimize Your Amazon Pricing Strategy

Feedvisor’s award-winning Amazon repricer has revolutionized the marketplace with our pre-built strategies, Profit Optimization, Target Velocity, and Liquidation, allowing you to seamlessly meet your goals. By aggregating billions of data points in real-time, including advertising data, the powerful and fast algorithmic repricer responds to dynamic market conditions to fuel growth allowing you to:

Amazon Repricer

Increase Amazon Sales and Profits

Amazon Repricer

Optimize Store Inventory and Return Rates

Amazon Repricer

Predict Sales Velocity

Amazon Repricer

Track and Outpace Amazon Competitors

Amazon Repricer

View SKU-Level Insights

Amazon Repricer

Get a Holistic View with Advertising Data

Our Clients See Results:


increase in revenues


increase in profits


improvement in sales rank

Best-in-class AI technology and amazon expertise

Feedvisor360: The only AI-based Amazon Repricing Platform

Our repricing platform allows an unlimited amount of Amazon storefronts and enables unlimited users, so you can win the Buy Box and maximize profits for all your products.


  • Algorithmic Buy Box Repricer
  • ProductsSphere™ (repricing for Private Label Sellers and Brands)
  • Pricing strategies to support business needs
  • Downloadable reports
  • Advanced and customized business analytics & insights
  • Scheduled custom email reports and alerts


  • 24/7 expert support
  • A dedicated Amazon Expert to ensure your growth


  • Using real-time data, examine all aspects of your marketplace business to intelligently optimize performance and make selling intuitive
  • View all your metrics in one dashboard – inventory, sales, and advertising – for the full picture of your business’s health
    • Track Sales, Profit, Buy Box share, and more on each listing
    • Discover Store Level Aggregations and Trends
    • Keep inventory healthy with replenishment and excess reports
    • Update your strategy with the Floor to Ceiling Profit report
  • Create custom reports with saved filters to spotlight your catalog
    • Ability to sort and analyze by: Strategy, Brand, SKU, Custom Cohorts
Custom Pricing to Fit Your Unique Goals

Optimize your prices and increase sales on Amazon and beyond.

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