The Most Powerful, AI-Driven Amazon and Walmart Advertising Optimization Platform

All Ad Types Supported: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands Video, Sponsored Display, and Amazon DSP
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Purpose-Built to Drive Sales, Reduce ACoS, and Improve RoAS on Amazon

  • AI-Powered Product Targeting and Audience Targeting

  • NLP-Driven Keyword Harvesting and Forecasting

  • Real-Time Algorithmic Bid Management

  • Autonomous Dayparting and Flexible Aggressiveness

  • Data Advantage With SearchGraph and ProductSphereTM Technologies

  • Automated PPC Campaign Restructuring and Budget Balancing

  • Actionable Analytics and Holistic Performance Insights

  • Dedicated Team of 1P and 3P Amazon Advertising Experts

  • Real-Time KPIs for All Campaigns in One Customized Dashboard

The Highest-Performing Technology for Brands and Sellers on Amazon:


increase in RoAS


increase in revenues


increase in CTR

“AI-First” Amazon PPC
Optimization Software

Automate Keyword Bidding and Harvesting

Our proprietary, machine-learning SearchGraph technology pinpoints your search competition at the keyword level, while our ProductSphereTM technology identifies competition at the ASIN level. Together, they automate keyword research, harvesting, and forecasting to continuously predict exact bids according to your Amazon business objectives and increase conversions.

Drive Your Amazon Advertising Performance With Feedvisor’s “AI-First” Advantage

Precise Bid Management

Grow profitability and market share by focusing your ad spend on the most impactful and relevant keywords with precise bidding and targeting.

Customized Reporting & Insights

Understand how your Amazon Advertising strategy impacts your business’s operational performance to inform decisions down to the product level.

24/7 Automation & Optimizations

Free up your time and maximize efficiency by letting our team of experts provide ongoing campaign management and strategy optimizations.


Actionable Analytics and Advanced UI

Gain a Holistic View of Your Business Performance With Customized Analytics

Turn insights into action with real-time performance metrics at the campaign and ASIN levels, as well as across customized ad groups and product tags. Our integrated dashboard with in-depth, actionable analytics provides real-time access to track margins, sales, revenue, performance, and more across your manual and automatic campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and products.

Discover What Feedvisor Can Do for Your Amazon Business

Our Amazon Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform is the industry leader in optimizing sales and RoAS/ACoS across every Amazon ad type. Sophisticated, machine-learning algorithms and AI technology enable the most precise bidding, targeting, and forecasting, empowering brands and retailers to maximize spend and profits. Connect with one of our Amazon experts to start growing with Feedvisor today.


in RoAS


in revenues


in CTR

“Feedvisor’s immense data, sophisticated technology, and incredibly strategic and responsive team have enabled us to effectively target our premium consumer, grow brand engagement, and efficiently drive sales on Amazon. Our RoAS has increased over 100%.”

Fortune 50 Global Brand

AI + Human Expertise =

Your Holistic Amazon Advertising Partner

Feedvisor is more than a technology platform. Our dedicated team of 1P and 3P Amazon experts provides hands-on, agency-like services in tandem with our AI engine’s automated optimizations. From creating your Amazon DSP campaigns and executing your media strategy to managing PPC budgets and creating weekly performance reports, our experts provide ongoing strategy optimizations and support every step of the way.

Grow Amazon Revenue and Market Share With Feedvisor’s “AI-First” Platform

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