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AI-driven pay-per-click campaign manager that maximizes ad performance according to your business strategies

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Feedvisor Amazon Product Listing Service

Choose Between Self-Managed or Managed Services

Customize the campaign manager that works best for your business. No time to run your ad campaigns on your own? Our advertising solution has a managed services component to handle the creation, management, and optimization of your Sponsored Products campaigns.

Feedvisor Traffic Dashboard

Get a Holistic View Into Your Campaign Performance

From one advertising dashboard, you can create, manage, optimize, and track your campaigns. Gain a 360-degree view into your campaign performance, traffic, keyword efficiency, and ad spend.

Feedvisor Keywords Feature

Target the Most Impactful Keywords

We help you pinpoint impactful keywords to drive sales — top selling keywords, keywords with ACoS that aren’t driving sales and should be optimized, and top keywords by conversion rate.

Feedvisor Performance Feature

Outpace the Competition

Understand where you are priced competitively, where you are not competitive, and how your reviews and ratings compare to your key competitors.

Track MAP Violations

Received detailed MAP insights so you can quickly and accurately identify vendors’ MAP violation history, including how often and by how much.

Monitor Performance

Identify your high performing listings, underperforming listings, and unprofitable items in one dashboard to help optimize your product investment strategy.

Increase Profitability

Receive a comprehensive P&L analysis, inclusive of shipping and handling, returns, and advertising costs, to better understand the most and least profitable SKUs in your assortment.

Maintain Precise Inventory Levels

Leverage replenishment insights and alerts with our inventory replenishment manager to ensure your inventory levels on Amazon are always optimal.

Optimize Your Return Rate

With our returns analysis, slice-and-dice your returns data by volume, value, SKU, vendor, and brand to show how returns impact your profitability and operational inventory management.

Customize Your Solution

Create your own customized report for a specific goal that your business is trying to accomplish. You can start as macro or micro as you would like and in-house experts can provide recommendations based on your individual business needs.


Your Personal Amazon Experts

When you partner with Feedvisor, you automatically receive access to Amazon experts — customer success managers, the professional services team, in-house data scientists and developers, and education specialists. From helping you navigate the onboarding process to creating customized reports for your business, our dedicated Amazon experts are here to guide you through in-depth training, hands-on optimization, planning, and support on an ongoing basis. With both technical and strategic backgrounds and thorough e-commerce experience, Feedvisor’s Amazon experts are available to you as a constant resource so you are supported every step of the way.

“Feedvisor’s advertising platform increased exposure for our ASINs, and in just a few weeks, we saw an uptick in organic rankings.”

— Ellen | Enterprise Private Label

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AI Technology That Drives Effective Ad Performance

Feedvisor’s “AI-first” platform maximizes your Amazon success through a powerful combination of industry-leading algorithms, machine-learning, and deep Amazon expertise. By analyzing the many relevant data points, the predictive business intelligence at the core of our platform transforms custom insights into business-critical actions across your operation.

Maximize Your Campaign Performance

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