The Prime Day Advertiser’s Playbook to Achieving Record-Breaking Sales

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Create Winning Prime Day Advertising Strategies for Maximum ROAS

By Rachel Horner May 10, 2024

With over 200 million Prime members globally, Prime Day presents an unparalleled brand-building occasion for businesses.

Yet success hinges on a strong advertising strategy guided by expert tips and comprehensive data. To seize the colossal opportunity Prime Day presents, we’ve curated The Prime Day Advertiser’s Playbook.

Designed to empower you in crafting a campaign that makes the most of Amazon’s advertising formats, this playbook is your key to maximizing your Prime Day impact. 

What’s Revealed in the Playbook:

  • An in-depth analysis of how different ad types performed during last year’s Prime Day
  • A comprehensive breakdown of every Amazon advertising format and their most recent updates
  • Strategies to ignite consumer interest and anticipation leading up to and during Prime Day
  • Insights into effectively leveraging Amazon’s advertising tools to reach and engage your target audience

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