Supercharge Your Growth with the "AI-First” Dynamic Pricing and Advertising Optimization Platform for Marketplaces

Designed for Private Labels, Exclusive Sellers and Brands, Feedvisor’s platform analyzes price elasticity and competition to accelerate demand and optimize profit. Increase visibility and brand trust with AI-powered advertising. Lock in profits and ensure you are not suppressed with Feedvisor’s multi-channel pricing, keeping your prices consistent across platforms.

Maximize Revenue with Smart AI-Driven Advertising

Grow Market Share and Minimize ACoS

Our AI-driven advertising platform for Amazon and Walmart automatically adjusts your ads based on your business objectives to minimize ACoS, improve RoAS, and increase market share. Track your advertising KPIs based on campaign performance, traffic, keyword efficiency, and ad spend – to drive discoverability and engagement.

Unlock True Profit Potential With AI-Powered Dynamic Pricing

Owning the Buy Box Alone Does Not Guarantee Sales

Despite owning the Buy Box, you can leave profit or margin on the table by setting a static price. That is why dynamic pricing is a necessity. With our industry-leading dynamic pricing platform, you can increase revenue and profit margins while still maintaining ownership. It even helps improve category and best seller rank, manage inventory more effectively, and reduce Amazon-imposed fees and stockouts. Our algorithms account for seasonality, inventory levels, traffic, conversion rates, BSR, and advertising spend while tracking price elasticity. We can even map to specific competitive ASINs, like tracking your brand to another. Additionally, our system detects and responds to hijacked ASINs, protecting your buy box ownership.

Optimize Demand with Price Elasticity Modeling

Feedvisor Dynamic Pricing AI constantly evaluates the competitive landscape, brand strength, and consumer demand. By analyzing price elasticity and seasonal trends, it determines the optimal price to achieve your strategic objectives.

Increase Market Share and Best Seller Rank

Our platform continuously prices products, ensuring optimal prices that outperform competitors, driving higher sales velocity and long-term growth in market share and ranking.

Minimize FBA Fees Through AI-Driven Actions

Our platform predicts potential fee occurrences and automatically adjusts prices to prevent low and excess inventory, minimizing Amazon-imposed fees and ensuring efficient stock management.

Avoid Suppression with Multi-Channel Pricing

Synchronize pricing across channels and stop suppression. Our platform allows you to keep prices consistent across all your platforms. This ensures that your listings remain active and visible, maximizing sales opportunities.


Unlock Sales Growth Across Amazon, Walmart, and Beyond With the Combined Power of Pricing and Advertising

Selling as BOTH a Private Label and Reseller?

Our AI-powered platform ensures inventory-aware, real-time price adjustments while intelligently understanding competition and activating the optimal pricing, regardless of whether you own the Buy Box or are competing for it. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, hybrid sellers can maximize profitability, outperform competitors, and thrive.

Additionally, our platform optimizes ad spend to boost visibility and sales, ensuring that your advertising efforts are as effective as your pricing strategies.

increase in conversion
increase in sales
increase in gross profits

One Platform. Infinite Possibilities.

01 MAP Insights

Receive detailed MAP insights so you can quickly and accurately identify vendors’ MAP violation history, including how often and by how much.

02 Performance Dashboard

Identify your high performing listings, underperforming listings, and unprofitable items to help optimize your product investment strategy.

03 Profitability Dashboard

Receive a comprehensive P&L analysis, inclusive of shipping and handling, returns, and advertising costs, to better understand the most and least profitable SKUs in your assortment.

04 Returns Dashboard

Slice-and-dice your returns data by volume, value, SKU, vendor, and brand to show how returns impact your profitability and operational inventory management.

05 Inventory Health and Replenishment Insights

Leverage inventory replenishment insights and alerts to ensure your inventory levels on Amazon are always optimal and avoid fees.

06 Multichannel Pricing

Feedvisor's platform ensures price parity across channels, maintaining consistency and fairness for customers while preventing price wars among competitors.

Our Clients See

Highly Recommend to ANY Marketplace Seller

“I didn’t realize that pricing dynamically with technology would have such an impact on my brand’s margins and sales. Highly recommend to any marketplace seller.”


Administrator, Sporting Goods

Winning Formula on Amazon

“Dynamic pricing and advertising optimization is the winning formula on Amazon. Since using Feedvisor I am seeing much more traffic to my pages and converting them at significantly higher margins!”


Small Business

Maximize Sales Potential Across Amazon and Walmart Through Strategic Price Optimization

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