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The Amazon Buy Box for Beginners: Frequently Asked Questions

Over 80% of Amazon’s total sales occur within the Buy Box, making it a priority for any competitive seller. Check out some answers to common questions here. By IT July 30, 2019
The Amazon Buy Box for Beginners: Frequently Asked Questions

The Amazon Buy Box: Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 80% of Amazon’s total sales taking place within the Buy Box, it is imperative for you to show up in that prime position if you are a competitive seller, in order to positively impact both sales and profits.

In this post, we have rounded up your most frequently asked questions about the Amazon Buy Box to help you understand what the Buy Box is, how you can gain placement in the highly sought-after location, and how to maintain your Buy Box share moving forward without compromising other key areas of your business.

What Is the Amazon Buy Box?

When a shopper lands on a product detail page, Amazon chooses one seller whose details appear in the Buy Box — the white box on the right-hand side of the page. When a customer clicks on the “Add to Cart” button, the sale goes to the seller in this highly sought-after box. 

How Do You Become Amazon Buy Box-Eligible?

To be Buy Box-eligible, you need to be an experienced Professional seller who has history selling on Amazon. You must also possess high levels of performance. You can check your eligibility by SKU in Seller Central, by navigating to the Inventory tab and selecting “Manage Inventory.”

How Do I Check My Buy Box Eligibility?

To check your Buy Box eligibility, click on the Inventory tab in Seller Central and select “Manage Inventory.” Then, click on the Preferences tab and find the field for “Buy Box Eligible.” Select “Show When Available” from the drop-down menu and look at the “Buy Box Eligible” column for a particular SKU.

How Do You Qualify for the Amazon Buy Box?

To qualify for the Amazon Buy Box, you must have a Professional seller account, be selling a new item, and be Buy Box-eligible for that specific product. To be Buy Box-eligible, you must have spent time selling on the Amazon platform and adhere to high levels of seller performance.

How Do I Get to the Amazon Buy Box?

To win the Amazon Buy Box, you need to provide the best balance of high seller performance and low price. Amazon considers many different factors in determining who wins the Buy Box relative to your competitors’ offerings, so you should monitor the metrics that impact the Buy Box regularly.

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Does Amazon Share the Buy Box?

Amazon has long abandoned the idea of giving the Buy Box to a single seller for very popular products. Instead, the Buy Box is shared between several sellers, with their share of the Buy Box determined by several variables such as fulfillment method, landed price, and shipping time.

What Does Not in the Buy Box Mean on Amazon?

There are two instances in which no seller will win the Buy Box. The first is when no seller meets the requirements to win the Buy Box (or those that do have substandard metrics). The second is when the sellers’ prices are deemed unreasonable because they are higher than the list price.

Why Is There No Buy Box on Amazon?

You may not see a Buy Box if no seller meets the requirements or if the sellers’ prices are higher than the list price. The Buy Box will show a “See All Buying Options” button and the buyer will be taken to the Offer Listing page, which will list all sellers for that product in order of landed price.

What Does It Mean to Win the Buy Box on Amazon?

Winning the Buy Box on Amazon means that you have the best combination of high seller performance and low price versus your competitors. Amazon breaks down each eligible offering into many different variables and evaluates each one relative to the other sellers offering the same product. 

Final Thoughts

The Amazon Buy Box is capable of enabling you with incremental sales and profits, exposure, and consumer engagement across the marketplace. You need to weave your Buy Box strategies together with your business goals so these variables can work together harmoniously during daily business processes. 

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