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Feedvisor Joins Amazon’s Service Provider Network

Selling on Amazon can be quite complex, so the company established a directory of third-party providers — now including Feedvisor — to help you navigate the platform. By IT July 29, 2019
Feedvisor Joins Amazon’s Service Provider Network
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Amazon created the Service Provider Network (SPN) to help sellers and brands on Amazon effectively understand and optimize their Amazon businesses. The Amazon landscape is increasingly complex, given the plethora of data, competitive pressures, fragmented workflows, and a lack of control over marketplace representation. With the proper tools and expertise, you will be able to reduce that complexity, create operational efficiencies and sound processes, and drive growth on an ongoing basis.

The Service Provider Network consists of a thorough directory of trusted third-party providers that Amazon has approved to enable increased performance across key areas of Amazon: account management, advertising optimization, accounting, cataloging, compliance, Enhanced Brand Content, FBA preparation, imaging, international shipping and returns, storage, taxes, training, and translation.

Feedvisor is thrilled to announce that we have been approved by Amazon and are officially an authorized SPN partner for the below facets of your Amazon operation:

  • Advertising optimization: Feedvisor’s “AI-first” advertising platform can enable you to maximize your campaign performance at scale according to your specific business objectives. Available as self-service or managed services, the platform supports manual and automatic campaign activations and real-time optimizations, keyword harvesting, negative keyword identification, and budget balancing.
  • Account management: We specialize in holistic account management of your third-party (3P) storefront or first-party (1P) presence. Through business strategies, performance evaluations, competitive research, and hands-on executions, we enable both day-to-day support and insights that can help grow your business on Amazon for the long term. 
  • Cataloging: Feedvisor’s managed services team, leveraging our sophisticated AI-powered platform, creates and populates product listings with copy, rich imagery, and profitable keywords, and optimizes them for SEO efficiency. All product detail page creation and optimization is performed according to Amazon’s best practices. 
  • Training: Rooted in deep Amazon expertise, we specialize in providing thorough client onboarding training, hands-on support and optimizations, strategic insights, and performance assessments — all designed to help our clients maximize their sales and profits on Amazon.
  • Enhanced Brand Content: Ensuring compliance with Amazon’s guidelines and best practices, we create Enhanced Brand Content (as well as A+ Content and Amazon Stores) to help brands effectively convey their brand story and drive engagement and conversion. 

Feedvisor Joins Amazon’s Service Provider Network

Final Thoughts

In order to get started with the Service Provider Network, you can choose a specific provider based on your unique business needs, the location of your Amazon business, which marketplace you want to sell on, and your preferred language. Then, you submit a service request form and the service provider will get back to you in a timely manner. 

By offering a database of credible third-party providers, Amazon is allowing sellers and brands to connect with local service providers, effectively eliminate any blind spots in their business,  and unveil areas of opportunity.

Learn what Feedvisor can do for your business.

When you partner with Feedvisor, you automatically receive access to our true, AI-driven technology and hands-on team of e-commerce experts. Contact one of our team members today to learn more about our end-to-end solution for brands and large sellers on Amazon, Walmart, and e-marketplaces.

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