Rock Ridge Sees 50% Gross Profit Increase on Core SKUs With Feedvisor

"One of the most powerful things that I can say is I really feel like Feedvisor is a partner. You guys care about my success in ways that other companies don’t. I always get actionable intelligence from everyone that I work with at Feedvisor. Insights that you can do something with. You don’t have to go digging for it."

Don Winckler | Owner of Rock Ridge Sales, Inc.
gross profit increase on
key items


Finding the Right Data-Driven Repricing Solution

For ten years, Rock Ridge was using rule-based repricer, ChannelMAX. After that, they tried SellerActive for a few months, but faced difficulty staying within established floor and ceiling prices. There was no data coming back for the team to draw insights from. With nearly 4,000 items in their catalog, it was evident that Rock Ridge needed to make a change to effectively automate their repricing efforts.

“We have worked to keep our company very lean and find solutions like Feedvisor that help us to accomplish more with less effort.”


Identifying Actionable Insights With Feedvisor’s
Machine-Learning Repricer

After signing on with Feedvisor, Rock Ridge began seeing results immediately. For top-moving products, they noticed increased profits by up to 50%. Although the number of units sold sometimes decreased, income went up and Rock Ridge was making more money and winning the Buy Box more than they ever were before. Additionally, Rock Ridge was impressed by the value that their customer success manager provided and how much they have learned from Feedvisor on the best practice education side of the business.

“With so many forces at work in the marketplace today, I’m confident that Feedvisor is doing everything that they can to get me every sale possible.”

One of Rock Ridge’s main goals for 2018 is to expand into the cosmetics and supplements categories. With an expansive product catalog that continues to grow, Rock Ridge utilizes Feedvisor to translate data into strategic actions.


The Time Savings Feedvisor Provides Allows
for Focus on Business Goals

Don’s team is extremely excited about the future of Feedvisor. Their goals are adding more Buy Box-eligible, profitable items to their line and building up their private label offering. They recognize the time savings that they have experienced with Feedvisor and are thrilled to continue automating their Amazon operation, scouting new products, and learning as they scale.


Don Winckler started Rock Ridge Sales, Inc. in 1999, beginning his business venture by selling on eBay. In August of 2005, Don moved to Amazon’s dynamic marketplace in order to diversify platforms. Rock Ridge’s primary products are medical items, magic trick and novelty items, and restroom signs. In addition, the company is looking to expand into cosmetics and supplements in the near future.

In the beginning, Don and his team’s challenge was not having good data available at their fingertips. After trying two other repricers, they decided to give Feedvisor a shot. They were able to quickly learn and understand how critical the data points that Feedvisor’s dashboard provides were to their business.

“Feedvisor has been huge for my business. It provides strategic, critical information for my business and shows me how to digest it and make sense out of it.”