The 2016 Buy Box Bible

By Tami Ben-David
Published on January 22, 2016 | 6608 views

Buy Box Bible

Feedvisor’s 2016 Buy Box Bible has just been released!

If you’re like most high-volume sellers on Amazon, you’re probably constantly trying to figure out how to win the infamous Buy Box. The 2016 updated edition of the Buy Box Bible will teach you just that. This authoritative guide is a must-read for anyone looking to grow their business on Amazon.

With over 10,000 downloads of the first two editions, our Buy Box Bible is by far the most useful piece of content you’ll read this year.

In the Buy Box Bible 2016, you’ll discover:

  • The Buy Box impact of Seller-Fulfilled Prime.
  • All the pro hacks you need to win the Buy Box.
  • New metrics introduced by Amazon and what they mean for you.
  • The Buy Box Cheat Sheet for you to print out and stick on your wall.
  • Which metrics matter most to Amazon and how to swing them in your favor.
About the Author

A British ex-pat, Tami been writing and content-strategizing for Israeli tech start-ups for the last 5 years. When she's not writing nerdy content, you can find Tami on open water charity swims or traveling to far-flung countries.

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