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6 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Amazon Listing Page

By Chen Melamed March 28, 2016
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Chen is a copywriter at Feedvisor with her finger on the eCommerce pulse. She loves easy-to-chew creative content, good food and discovering hidden gems.

As an Amazon seller, you’re well aware that for each product on Amazon, there is a single listing no matter how many people sell that product. The first person to sell the item puts up the page. What you may not be aware of is that there are ways of improving the listing for better optimization.

Just like with a regular webpage, better optimization yields better results for you, so check out some handy tricks to beef up your product listing page.

Why do I care if it’s optimized?

Any marketer who knows even the first thing about online marketing will tell you about the importance of optimization when attempting to rank in the search engines. Well, the Amazon Marketplace is really no different than any other type of search engine, which means if you want to rank, you had better be optimizing those pages.

Good optimization means good listings and good listings means good sales/conversion rates. Unoptimized listings don’t convert well, so if you care about being seen, getting listed, and making sales, then this will be a top priority.

How to optimize the pants off listing pages

The good news is that unlike Google, Amazon’s algorithm is pretty static. They’re not constantly creating bigger, better, harder-to-crack algos to catch marketers in their black hat schemes. What this means for you as an Amazon seller is that once you know the basics, you can pretty much put things on cruise control and expect positive results to follow.

Remember: your goal is conversion.

You don’t need to be original to make sales on Amazon (unlike with Google which is always looking for fresh, unique content); you want clear product descriptions that will highlight the item’s utility and/or beauty, as well as its amazing price.

1. Catchy title

SEO experts know the power of a good title, and Amazon works on the same principle. Tag the listing page with a great title that’s descriptive and detailed. You’ll earn points in the ranking system. Include the brand, product type, color, model number and relevant keywords.

Remember: there’s a 500 character limit, so be generous with your wording.

2. Images

Make sure your images fall into the specified Amazon guidelines for photos. Use high quality images that capture the product (85% of the photo should be of the actual product), contain no watermarks, and are 1000 pixels or greater.

Remember: when it comes to images, the more the merrier. Give your listings at least three or four, and as many as six to really boost your product’s appeal.

3. Bullet points

Bullet points make information easier to scan, so put all the product information in this format on the listings page. You can stick in a few keywords too but don’t go overboard.

4. Don’t forget categories

If you want traffic to find your page, you’ll need to have the relevant categories tagged. This includes main and sub categories.

5. Include ASINs

If you have the same ASIN as a ranking product, then your product can be seen among that listing, especially if you can undersell the main listing page. So always be sure to include the proper ASIN within the product details.

6. Keywords

Use your keywords! According to Amazon: “well-chosen search terms increase a product’s visibility and sales.” It’s that simple folks. Select the right keywords, use them frequently (but not so much that people are nauseous from seeing them), and you are on your way to listing gold.


Availability, sales history and price will also be determining factors so pay attention to these. By implementing our tips, you can get your products up and ranking even if you aren’t the original owner of the listing pages. And don’t forget! The better the ranking, the more profitable the product will be.

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