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5 Key Amazon Roles for Remote Workers

Amazon business owners can benefit by hiring remote workers to perform tasks that are either too time-consuming or require specific skills to perform. By Connor Gillivan January 8, 2017
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Connor Gillivan is the co-founder and chief content and marketing officer of FreeeUp.

In the not-so-distant past, outsourcing was only utilized for non-essential and trivial tasks such as payroll processing and file management. That focus has shifted over time. Businesses are now employing remote workers for strategic operations and core business activities, and companies are thriving because of them. Your Amazon business is no exception, and can profit from remote assistance as well.

The Amazon platform has proven highly lucrative to sellers, and it continues to grow in strength. As an Amazon business owner, it is easy to become overloaded with a never-ending task list. Remote workers are short or long-term workers who can help unbury you from your pile of work and grow your business. They can do ad-hoc work, project-based work, or be hired for ongoing tasks.

Activities that you should consider outsourcing are the tasks that you either don’t have the time or desire to do or those tasks that you do not have the necessary skills to perform. Below is a list of five key Amazon roles that are perfect for remote workers.

1. Product Description Writers

Product descriptions sell your products. Potential customers will decide whether or not to click on your product based on the description. The impending sale hangs in the balance, and people make that decision within a second of reading your headline. Once the reader gets to your product page, the description is what will convince them to click “add to cart.” There is a proven formula that helps convert product descriptions to sales, and unless you know it, this is an essential position for an experienced remote worker.

2. Customer Service Representatives 

Customer service is crucial to your business. In an Amazon marketplace, your customers have choices. They can choose to buy from you or choose to buy from your competitor. They can choose to buy from you again in the future, or they can choose to leave you a negative review (which we all know is deadly to your bottom line). If you are not focusing on customer service, you are failing your business. By hiring a remote worker, you will have someone dedicated to keeping your customers happy. Your remote customer service assistant can answer questions, address concerns, and follow up with your customers to ensure they are happy with their purchase, thus generating return purchases, positive reviews, and referrals.

3. Amazon Web Services 

Amazon Web Services (otherwise known as AWS) is a cloud computing platform that is used to improve the robustness of your current system and minimize the impact of any outage that may occur. If you are computer savvy or have experience with AWS yourself, you may choose to set up your AWS on your own. But if you are like most Amazon business owners, you are much better off outsourcing this task to an expert. The platform will increase your business’s professionalism and give you a huge advantage if you ever run into technical issues. If your AWS is installed correctly from the beginning, you will get a much bigger return on investments.

4. Finance Management

Accounting tasks are tedious and typically not very exciting, but unfortunately, they are critical. Mistakes in your bookkeeping can cost you big time. An experienced remote worker will be able to take care of everything from paying bills and preparing invoices to monitoring competitor pricing for you while also implementing best practices and processes to streamline your business.

5. Inventory Management

Let’s face it, you cannot sell without sufficient inventory, yet excess inventory can cost you big bucks. Managing inventory is a balancing act that requires a keen eye and a specific skill set. An experienced remote worker will be able to ascertain how much stock you require at a given time to meet the needs of your customers.

Whether you are hiring for one of the five key Amazon freelance jobs mentioned above or you have other tasks in your Amazon business where you need extra staff, hiring online workers can be an amazing solution. The first step to hiring remote workers is to identify the core areas of your business where you can use the help. Once you’ve identified those roles, you can make your first hire by using one of the many online hiring platforms, such as,, and

This guest post was contributed by the FreeeUp team. FreeeUp is the hands-on solution to hiring remote workers in the eCommerce industry. FreeeUp works with each client 1-on-1 and introduces them to the best worker in their network for the job needed. FreeeUp vets all workers before allowing them into their network. FreeeUp is the solution for business owners who don’t want to spend time on recruitment and interviewing.

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