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Amazon Update: Alexa’s Advanced Notice on Deals

Learn about a recent Amazon update to Alexa devices, a new feature giving advanced notification on deals for Amazon Prime members. By Rachel Van Clepper April 14, 2022
Amazon Update Alexa Advanced Notice on Deals

It can be challenging to stay up to date on every new release and feature on Amazon, which is why we’ve done the hard work for you. Read on for new Amazon updates to Alexa devices, specifically a new advanced notice feature, along with other essential updates for Amazon advertisers and brands.

Amazon Alexa’s New Advanced Notice on Deals

On March 31, Amazon announced that Alexa devices can now give advance notice on Amazon deals for Amazon Prime customers across all newer generation Echo smart speakers.

Alexa can notify customers up to 24 hours before a deal becomes available with prompts for customers to add an eligible item to their wish list, to their shopping cart, or to be saved for later. For example, if a customer has recently searched for a Kindle but has not yet bought the item, Alexa would alert the customer of an upcoming deal for that item and prompt them to take action.

This feature is not automatically enabled. When it is enabled, there is a Yellow Ring light or pop-up notification on the Echo device to alert customers of an upcoming deal on items they have saved. Once the message has been opened, Alexa can either set a reminder for when the deal goes live or, with permission, can order the item on behalf of the customers when the deal is available.

Customers can also track their order status and estimated delivery by asking, “Alexa, where’s my stuff?”

This is another new feature in the long list of uses for Alexa devices, including adding items to a shopping list, answering questions about products, reordering household items, and more.

Learn more about this new Amazon feature.

Amazon Audio and Voice Advertising 2022 Updates

Approximately 25% of US adults now own a smart speaker, coinciding with audio ads as an emerging viable digital format and increased adoption of voice-activated advertising. Voice-control technology is being adopted by a variety of voice assistants — including Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant. There is now an even greater need to understand how to use and optimize voice advertising in your marketing strategies.

In a recent survey of over 1,000 brands, 24% now use audio ads as part of their strategy, and 18% of brands think audio ads drive the greatest returns. 

Read the full report: Brands, Amazon, and the Changing Landscape of E-Marketplaces.

Though Amazon is not the only audio platform, it currently ranks in the top four, following only behind Pandora and Spotify, and is predicted to surpass Pandora in listeners by the end of 2022.

Of brands surveyed, 24% now use audio ads as part of their strategy, and 18% of brands think audio ads drive the greatest returns.

More 2022 Amazon Updates

Here are some more recent Amazon updates from 2022.

Important Prime Day Dates

  • April 29: Prime Day Deals Deadline for Consideration and Lightning Deals Submission (U.S. and Canada)
  • June 2: Inbound Shipping Cutoff Deadline (U.S. and Canada)
  • June 10: Coupon Submission Deadline
  • June 20: FBA Inventory Cutoff Deadline
  • July 8: Prime Exclusive Discounts Deadline

Amazon Advertising Updates

Amazon Brand Updates


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