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Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2023

Everything we know so far, including deal dates and inventory cutoffs plus our prediction for the actual dates. By Marissa Incitti April 12, 2023

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It’s that time of year again; the months leading up to the most eagerly anticipated online sales event of the year – Amazon Prime Day 2023. With last years Prime Day reportedly the biggest ever, including over 300 million items purchased worldwide and $1.7 billion saved by Prime members, it’s no surprise this highly anticipated event is on everyone’s mind.

While it’s still early, we’ll take you through what we know about Amazon Prime Day 2023 so far, including deal dates, inventory cutoffs, and what to do to prepare as we wait for more information.   

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

While the official dates have not been announced, historically, Amazon Prime Day has been held the second week in July, and it’s likely that this years Prime Day will follow suit. Our guess is that it will be held July 11th – 12th to give plenty of time for products to arrive the same week and not compete with the July 4th weekend and other planned vacations. This gives shoppers plenty of time to plan their purchases and take advantage of the best deals.

History of Past Prime Day Dates


Even without the official dates, there is still important information that you need to know in order to participate in the Prime Day sale.

Deal Deadlines

Sellers looking to take advantage of the massive influx of shoppers during Amazon Prime Day 2023 will need to act fast and submit their deals by April 28th. 

Deal Types include: 

  • Lightning
  • Bundle Offers
  • Deals of the Day
  • Free Gifts with Purchase
  • Prime Exclusive Discount
  • Prime Exclusive Best Deals
  • Top Deals

Sellers should make sure that their deals are attractive and stand out from the competition to maximize their chances of success. Don’t forget to review past data and make sure your products have high-quality images and descriptions.

How Long Do I Have Before the Inventory Cutoff for Prime Day 2023?

Inventory needs to be in stock and ready to go by June 15th. This gives Amazon enough time to process and prepare the products for the big event. 

Take these steps to prepare your inventory ahead of time:

  1. Assess inventory levels: Review your inventory levels to ensure that you have enough stock to meet the expected demand during Prime Day. Check your sales data from previous years to get an idea of how much inventory you might need to order.
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2. Stock up on your popular items: Identify your best-selling products and order extra stock to ensure that you don’t run out during Prime Day. You can also consider ordering additional units of products that you expect to sell well during the event.

3. Consider bundling products: Bundling products together can be an effective way to increase sales and provide value to customers. Consider creating bundles that include complementary products or offering special deals for purchasing multiple items.

4. Optimize listings: Ensure that your product listings are up-to-date and optimized for search. Use high-quality images, clear product descriptions, and relevant keywords to improve the visibility of your products. 

5. Test your fulfillment process: Make sure that your fulfillment process is running smoothly and that you can handle the increased volume of orders during Prime Day. Test your shipping process and ensure that you can meet the delivery times promised to customers.

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Marissa Incitti is the Associate Director of Content for Feedvisor, where she oversees and executes the company's content marketing strategy and initiatives. Before joining Feedvisor, she was the content marketing manager for a Fortune Global 500 omnichannel commerce technologies and operations company.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t hurt to be over prepared, which is why over the next several weeks, we’ll be dishing out pre, during, and post Prime Day tips, strategies, and more. We’ll also keep you updated as we receive more information, so be sure to check back often for the latest news about the event.

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