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7 Strategies to Improve Your Seller Performance Metrics on Amazon

In this guide, 7 Strategies to Improve Your Seller Performance Metrics on Amazon, learn how to navigate and optimize vital marketplace metrics. By Stan Spring August 30, 2018
7 Strategies to Improve Your Seller Performance Metrics on Amazon
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Stan Spring is a freelance tech writer for Feedvisor. True to his Louisiana upbringing, he likes to cook, play guitar, and shoot the breeze on a sunny day.

Massive profit potential and ever-increasing competition are two sides of the same coin when it comes to selling on Amazon. As more sellers, brands, retailers, and private labels join Amazon, achieving greater profits will take more than just higher sales volume and doing only what is required in customer service. Sellers will need to elevate their standards of service by learning how to navigate and master seller performance metrics.

Seller performance metrics are essential to maintaining customer trust and confidence in the platform itself. Amazon uses these metrics to establish high standards that third-party sellers and retailers must always meet. They can also determine the extent of your selling success. Sellers and retailers who continually fail to meet the requirements can be barred from selling on Amazon. Those who exceed its standards can increase their marketplace visibility and chances of winning the coveted Buy Box.

According to our own research, Amazon also compares these metrics between sellers in the same product category to understand who are the top performers. In some scenarios, by knowing how Amazon compares these metrics, sellers who compete for the Buy Box can make incremental, efficient changes for big wins.

No matter what kind of seller you are, you can only stand to gain by learning how to optimize these metrics. In this guide, 7 Strategies to Improve Your Seller Performance Metrics on Amazon, we lay out key strategies that will help you intelligently navigate these metrics in the marketplace. You will gain a firm understanding of which metrics matter most and a framework that can ensure a very high standard of performance. From this foundation, you will understand why a tailored approach to product fulfillment is essential for balancing profitability with other goals like greater Buy Box share or increasing sales velocity. As you sell, you can then deploy smart strategies that outperform your competitors, win more of the Buy Box, and provide a positive customer experience.  

As Amazon continues to evolve and grow, its reliance on metrics is sure to increase and become ever more stringent. Online retailers and sellers with a mastery of the metrics that most affect their success will undoubtedly have a better chance of scaling up and outperforming their competitors.

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