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How to Remain Agile on Amazon During the Holiday Season [Guide]

In this guide, discover how to effectively act on your holiday plan to drive discoverability and organic traffic to your listings. By IT October 9, 2018
How to Remain Agile on Amazon During the Holiday Season
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The National Retail Federation is projecting an overall holiday sales increase of up to 4.8% versus last year. As online retailers, these predictions emphasize that you are likely looking to innovative tactics and promotions to face the holiday pressure head-on and maximize your online presence. How do you get a leg up in the marketplace during the most competitive season of the year? How do you act on the fourth quarter plan that you’ve been optimizing since July and August?

In our most recent guide, How to Remain Agile on Amazon During the Holiday Season, we detail specific ways you can act on your Q4 plan leading up to and during the three-month period. We know that you have placed your orders as early as July to avoid extended lead times that may impact your ability to make FBA cutoffs to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. You have done your competitive and sales trend research to finalize what items you will focus on during the quarter. If you run a merchant-fulfilled operation, you have probably finalized your warehouse management process for Q4 fulfillment, bringing in additional workers when necessary.

Although you have taken many important steps to ensure that your business is primed for the increase in search traffic and conversion, one quality that you need to confirm your plan has is fluidity. Marketplace changes such as policy updates or new seller performance metrics can be implemented by Amazon at any given time. As we saw on Prime Day, technological glitches are not unavoidable. Supplier delays can impact your business’s productivity for the remainder of the quarter. With the takeaways in this guide, you will be able to remain nimble and adequately course-correct if things go awry during the holiday season.

What Else Will You Discover in the Guide?

  • Peak buying times and product sourcing strategies
  • Strategies to anticipate sales lifts and maintain an effective inventory position
  • Holiday-specific techniques to amplify your store’s presence, such as keyword structure optimization
  • How AI-driven technology can help optimize your demand planning and lower your return rate

The details included in this guide, curated by our in-house Amazon experts, will help you measure the efficiency of your established Q4 business plan. You will be able to sharpen your fulfillment process and learn how to be proactive, particularly with new supplier partners, in order to flag any issues and increase your store’s presence in advance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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