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Amazon Seller Returns to Feedvisor After Using ChannelAdvisor

“Before we returned to Feedvisor from ChannelAdvisor, we were facing a lack of transparency. We believe in the algorithm Feedvisor has and feel like we have a much deeper connection with all of the data points that we can retrieve from Amazon."
Large Amazon Seller Success Story


Focused on hardware, lawn and garden, and home improvement items, this large seller joined the Amazon marketplace in 2015. Majorly a brick-and-mortar family operation, the company has been around for four generations and Amazon makes up about 20% of their total company sales. With about 50K active SKUs on Amazon, the company is also selling on Walmart, eBay, and Sears and experienced an annual revenue in 2017 of about $800K.



Finding a Price Optimization and Intelligence Solution that Provides Transparency and Simplicity

Prior to partnering with Feedvisor, the seller was utilizing ChannelAdvisor as a listing tool and for repricing. After meeting Feedvisor at a conference, the seller decided to implement Feedvisor and use ChannelAdvisor at the same time for the listing capabilities. Ultimately, he ended up leaving Feedvisor, as he didn’t realize that ChannelAdvisor’s repricing tool was included. However, after leaving for three months, he returned to solely Feedvisor for repricing.



"With Feedvisor, we know what is going on with each SKU and no longer have to take a group of items and use a blanketed rule. There is so much ease and simplicity with the platform."

Drive Business Growth With Feedvisor’s Best-In-Class Algorithmic Repricer

To begin, we performed a strategic analysis of the seller’s catalog and overall business operation. We looked at critical pricing, performance, inventory, and competitive data to help build a comprehensive roadmap specific to the seller’s operational model and business goals. Then, we applied our real-time pricing optimization solution, which operates in unison with business and operational intelligence and analyzes the constantly changing market dynamics to determine the optimal price for each SKU. Alongside the automated repricer, we performed a thorough P&L analysis to better understand the most and least profitable SKUs in the assortment on an ongoing basis. Large Amazon Seller Success Story



Notable Performance Increases Across the Seller’s Catalog

  • When the customer compared the performance of ChannelAdvisor to Feedvisor, he saw a 19% difference in average daily sales volume.
  • With Feedvisor, the customer saw increases in Buy Box share, number of sales, per-item profit margins, and product sell prices. He saw performance improve within a few weeks of returning to Feedvisor.

“We felt like the Feedvisor platform was a more trustworthy overall solution — we trust the algorithms more. Feedvisor can factor in many other data points and variables than other solutions we have worked with in the past.”




difference in average daily sales vs. ChannelAdvisor

After Trying Other Software, Large Seller Finds Success With Feedvisor

This seller values Feedvisor for its comprehensive platform — the dashboards, the reporting, and the support from customer success. To them, Feedvisor is much more than an algorithm. Besides trusting the repricing, this customer believes that the value they receive is in the reporting and data that he gets from the repricer. As a competitive seller who focuses on increasing Buy Box share, harnessing Feedvisor’s platform to find the optimal price point based on his business goals is a priority and he will continue to utilize Feedvisor’s pricing optimization and intelligence as his business grows.

“The ability to very quickly get a pulse of our general operation — inventory count, bottom line profitability, pricing, and more — is what we like the best. It’s a great way to get a snapshot understanding of the business day-to-day.”

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