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Enterprise Retailer Leverages Feedvisor Across the Entire Sales Funnel

An enterprise electronics retailer with an annual GMV of nearly $150 million on Amazon leverages Feedvisor for both pricing and advertising optimization.
Enterprise Retailer Leverages Feedvisor Across Their Entire Sales Funnel

Challenge: Suboptimal Sales Across Extensive Catalog Causes Loss of Profits

The client, an enterprise retailer in the electronics category with an annual GMV of nearly $150 million on Amazon, was facing an ongoing, business-critical issue of not winning the Buy Box for their competitive items and a lack of data-driven tools and expertise to simultaneously accelerate sales.  With a large catalog of about 150,000 SKUs that are naturally high margin items such as cameras and lenses, the client needed a comprehensive optimization solution to drive discovery and demand and enable effective pricing and advertising strategies at scale without compromising their targeted margins.


increase in sales


increase in ordered items


increase in average daily ad sales


increase in average daily ad impressions

Solution: AI-Powered Technology and Team of Experts Fuel End-to-End Amazon Optimization

When the retailer partnered with Feedvisor initially, they were volume-focused, as the electronics arena on Amazon is hyper-competitive. Feedvisor’s team of Amazon experts analyzed the catalog, cost data, and competitive arena in order to inform a customized approach that aligned with the client’s business goals for the year. Through sophisticated, machine-learning algorithms, Feedvisor’s price optimization and intelligence platform allowed the client to understand their competition and adjust their pricing accordingly in real-time. They are avid users of Feedvisor’s custom business reporting. The client has different buyers who focus on various sets of SKUs, and they utilize Feedvisor’s reporting to help them break down sales performance across segments. The client also leverages Feedvisor’s replenishment reporting to ensure that they are maintaining adequate stock levels across their various storefronts. Upon receiving significant acceleration in sales and ROI with Feedvisor’s price optimization and intelligence platform, the client wanted to further optimize performance and scale their strategy, leveraging the Feedvisor partnership to drive discoverability and Sponsored Products growth. Feedvisor was able to effectively maintain the low ACoS that the client had while simultaneously improving sales. The client sees value in Feedvisor’s AI-driven solution because it saves them time in their day by automating a very manual process and helping them manage and organize their ad campaigns in one dashboard, granting them increased control over their business’s bigger picture. Enterprise Retailer Leverages Feedvisor Across Their Entire Sales Funnel



Upon receiving a drastic increase in sales with Feedvisor’s price optimization platform, the client leveraged the Feedvisor partnership to drive discovery and advertising growth.

Significant Improvements Across Pricing Strategy and Advertising Performance

  • Upon the client’s first three months of onboarding, they experienced a 17% increase in average daily sales and a 22% increase in ordered items.
  • The client enabled four campaigns, including two that were Feedvisor campaigns and linked automatic and manual campaigns. Utilizing a daily average comparing two time periods, the client experienced a 47% increase in average daily ad sales and a 112% increase in average daily impressions.
  • To achieve the combination of efficient scale and consumer impact, Feedvisor’s machine-learning algorithms and optimization engine operated on a daily basis, aiding in ad group structure optimization, keyword harvesting, negative keyword identification, and automatic bid adjustment. 

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