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Germany-Based Competitive Seller Sees 43% Increase in Revenue

“Feedvisor's machine-learning algorithms protect my margins and get me the ideal Buy Box share.”

Germany-Based Competitive Seller


TG24 is a Germany-based Amazon reseller that started selling pet supplies in 2013 and has recently expanded to the supplements and stationery category. Its owner, Joerg, has continued to invest in its growth since then. After trying various repricers that drove down his prices and profits, Joerg joined Feedvisor in July 2015. Since then, TG24 has seen significant increases in revenue in its UK and German storefronts.



Growing a Business in an Oversaturated Market

As a growing Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) business, Joerg had to manage logistics flawlessly in order to maintain SFP privileges, but pricing manually or using rules took a lot of energy and focus.

The company needed to find software to automate his pricing strategy, and with so many options on the market, he tried as many free trials as he could. Eventually, he discovered Feedvisor and was intrigued by the self-learning algorithms. The simplicity of setting a floor and ceiling price, as opposed to configuring rules, greatly appealed to him. He decided to give Feedvisor a chance.



“Feedvisor's machine-learning algorithms protect my margins and get me the ideal Buy Box share.”

An Automated Algorithmic Repricer

TG24 saw the algorithm lived up to its promise: it kept prices high and grew their profits while dramatically reducing time spent on repricing. The solution ended up being a perfect fit for what Joerg describes as his innate “set-it-and-forget-it” attitude.

Joerg was also impressed with the Feedvisor onboarding process. His technical account manager set up the dashboard and clearly explained how the repricer works. After Joerg’s onboarding was successfully completed, he was introduced to his personal success manager who regularly schedules conversations with him to discuss various aspects of his business.

Joerg trusts the success management process and considers it one of the best parts of Feedvisor’s solution. Moreover, Feedvisor’s holistic solution made it a great business partner to support growth.




increase in revenue (Germany)


increase in revenue (UK)

Years after joining Feedvisor, Joerg continues to receive regular guidance and updates from his success manager. He has peace of mind knowing that the dashboard provides all the data he needs to make smart business decisions, and the algorithmic repricing runs automatically to enable his growth.

“There is still so much I can gain by utilizing everything Feedvisor has to offer.”

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