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Scaling Apparel Retailer Triples Storefronts, Sees 87% YoY Average Sales Growth on Amazon With Feedvisor’s Holistic Price and Advertising Optimization Technology

Discover how Feedvisor's holistic price and advertising optimization technology helped a growing apparel retailer increase sales and efficiently scale business operations.

Situation: Existing Optimization Partner Lacked Advanced Technology and Infrastructure to Help Amazon Business Scale

Lucky 21, a leading 3P apparel retailer, turned to Feedvisor for help with scaling operations as priorities shifted to acquiring brands and exclusive brand representation, working with companies such as Reebok and Nickelodeon. As their catalog and number of storefronts grew, the client says their previous Amazon optimization solution “didn’t have the tools in place” for adjusting prices at scale in real time and lacked the capabilities to efficiently manage the advertising portion of their business: “At that point, we realized that Teikametrics really wasn’t servicing our needs.”

Ultimately, the client recognized the need for a partner with deep Amazon experience to guide and support their advertising initiatives, as well as an advanced optimization platform that would increase their profits and sales through AI-driven velocity pricing.


average YoY sales growth


average YoY profit growth


average YoY ad sales growth

Solution: Feedvisor’s “AI-First” Technology, Custom Reporting, and Amazon Experts Enable Lucky 21 to Scale Profitably

Relying on Feedvisor’s “AI-first” technology, custom reports, as well as their Account Manager’s expertise, Lucky 21 has continually scaled their Amazon presence each year. The client leverages the platform and data to achieve a perfect balance of moving inventory and increasing sales through a strategic combination of advertising with repricing to drive maximum visibility and efficiently scale.

Automated Pricing Optimization: Overall, Lucky 21 achieves the optimal pricing and profit margins unique to each item in their catalog, making adjustments at scale and with ease thanks to Feedvisor’s easy-to-use technology and dashboards. While the client still manually determines floor and ceiling prices, they “have a saying in the office: ‘Let Feedvisor do the rest!’”

Data-Driven Ad Campaigns: As Amazon Advertising has become critical to success while increasing in complexity, Lucky 21 relies on Feedvisor to continuously create, manage, and optimize their campaigns. The technology automatically harvests the most relevant and highest probability keywords and makes smart decisions based on AI and machine learning.

Custom Reports: The client cherishes the deep data insights that Feedvisor’s reports and API access provide. Lucky 21 leverages custom reports for visibility into their hottest new sellers, as well as top-performing product detail pages across their stores so they can continually analyze and optimize velocity, margin, ad spend, and more.

Expert Account Manager: Feedvisor’s Account Manager is considered a go-to resource for the Lucky 21 team, helping them strategize, solve any issues and problems, generate new custom reports, and even assist with the hiring process as business scales.

"By doing everything through Feedvisor - all my repricing, all my marketing - I’m able to achieve profitable growth, drive synergy across my business, and extract deep operational data in one report for easy and strategic decision making.” — David Botton, CEO

Results: Feedvisor’s “AI-First” Optimizations and Team of Amazon Experts Drive 81% Average YoY Profit Growth

With the Feedvisor platform, Lucky 21 experienced significant growth and was able to efficiently and consistently scale all aspects of their business. Using holistic strategies for pricing and advertising, the client can now sell through inventory faster and increase profitability, while growing their customer base and increasing the demand for them to scale.

  • 87% average YoY sales growth
  • 81% average YoY profit growth
  • 57% average YoY ad sales growth
  • 3x amount of accounts and brand storefronts under management since partnering with Feedvisor

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