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The Account Summary page is a report that shows the seller all the current transactions that have been taking place in the seller’s account lately. This can include balances and statement details.

Account Summary Page Details

In essence, the Account Summary page is a detailed listing of all the funds that are moving in and out of the seller’s account. On this report, sellers will see all fees that have been charged, including monthly dues for a Pro Merchant account, late fees, and refunds, discounts, credits owed from Amazon, and billing details for all items that have moved through the Amazon Marketplace.

Account Summary Page Uses

While Amazon does send out a detailed email notifying sellers each time a transaction takes place, the Account Summary page is an additional useful form that gives sellers an opportunity to view all of their transactions simultaneously and in an organized and complete ordered list. This is an important tool as it can provide insight into the routine movements within the account.

It can also help the seller:

  • Find specific transactions faster.
  • Notice possible areas for improvement that are frequently incurring fees.
  • Assess current practices for future decisions by viewing which practices have been successful in the past.

In general, many sellers find it useful to have all of the transactions in one convenient place, rather than having to refer to several emails in various locations for reference purposes.

Finding the Account Summary Page

The Account Summary page can be found in the Payments Account area of the Seller Account. Sellers can access this area by clicking on the Payments tab from the Reports link on the main account page.

Note: If the seller is looking for information regarding credits or various fees in reference to a specific order, a Transactions Report can be requested as well.

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