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Amazon Manual Campaigns for Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products: Manual Campaigns

With Amazon Sponsored Products manual targeting, you can manually select the keywords you want to bid on, choosing different match types for keywords. You can choose categories, products, brands, or features related to your product. With this targeting strategy, it is easy to reduce bids or pause your low-performing words. Given that you are in charge of the bid per keyword, you do not want to bid too high on keywords that don’t convert well, and some highly converting keywords perform better than others, so you want to reflect that in your bid.

A manual campaign structure factors into an Amazon Advertising strategy because it allows you to explicitly identify the keywords for searches your ads are surfacing for, giving you an increased level of control over your keywords. If you are running a manual campaign, you can launch an automatic campaign strategy alongside it to see if you are missing out on any keyword opportunities that you are not harvesting on the manual side.

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