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Appeal the Revocation

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In the event that a seller’s listing privileges have been revoked by Amazon, whether for poor performance or for violation of Amazon’s selling policies or rules about restricted products, the seller may appeal the revocation, to reinstate the seller’s privileges.

How to Appeal

There are several steps for the seller to take:

  1. Determining why Amazon removed the seller’s privileges: Amazon sends the seller a notice specifying why the account was suspended.
  2. Reviewing the customer metrics: The seller must determine whether any of his practices were yielding negative feedback from buyers or whether any of his inventory did not comply with Amazon’s policies.
  3. Creating a plan of action: The next step is to specifically address how the seller will rectify whatever issues were revealed in Step 2.
  4. Sending the appeal to Seller Performance at Amazon: The seller then requests the reinstatement of seller privileges. Sellers may appeal to Amazon by clicking the Appeal button, and then the Appeal decision button, on the notification that revoked the privileges.

Note: Sellers should include their telephone numbers so that Amazon may contact them directly, if necessary.

Within approximately 48 hours after receiving an appeal, Amazon notifies sellers via email stating whether their appeal has been accepted or rejected.

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