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Amazon groups the products available for sale on the site by categories, the most prominent one being that of Books, Music, Video, and DVD (BMVD). Amazon began as an online store for BMVD products, and its terms for them remain slightly different from those for all other categories of products.

Product Detail Page Rules

For BMVD products, a single detail page may not be used to promote more than one item. Moreover, BMVD-only product bundles must be defined by the publisher/manufacturer with a single product identifier that is different from that of each unique item in the bundle. Detail pages for BMVD products also may not contain any spoilers. For other products, sellers may give buyers the choice of gift-wrapping, gift-messaging, or both, but not for BMVD products.

Item Returns

  • New BMVD Products may be returned if the return is postmarked within 30 days of the original delivery, and if the products remain in their original condition.
  • Used BMVD Products may be returned for the sake of defects or damage, if reported by the buyer within 14 days of receipt of the order. The package with the merchandise to be returned must be postmarked within 30 days of the original delivery to the buyer.


For other products, sellers may bundle their items to create a new bundled product, but bundling is not allowed for items in the BMVD categories, nor for Video Games.

Buy Box

Amazon’s Buy Box-eligible sellers compete to have their products displayed in the Buy Box on a product detail page, and all items sold by these sellers are eligible for the status except those in the BMVD categories.

Inventory File Templates

Professional Sellers (that is, those with vast experience and selling volume) may take advantage of Amazon’s Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that contains different columns to present their products. For the BMVD categories, there are separate files for the Book Loader, the Music Loader, and the Video Loader, as well as numerous non-BMVD categories.

Inventory Loader / Listing Loader

The Listing Loader tool may be used by those sellers who already list items in Amazon’s catalog to upload many listings in a single file to be matched against existing pages on Amazon’s site, among many other features. The seller provides only the listing attributes, which are far less specific than the product attributes. The tool only permits non-BMVD products to be entered via this interface. The Inventory Loader, with appropriate product fields for BMVD products, should be used when inventory includes BMVD products. Both tools provide the seller with the possibility of increased efficiency.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Export

BMVD products may be exported internationally through Fulfillment By Amazon Global Export (FBA Global Export) using the standard shipping option from the U.S. to other countries, including certain expedited shipping programs not available to previous Amazon programs like Media Worldwide.

Shipping Standards

Several shipping options are available only for BMVD categories:

  • Two-Day Domestic – order to be received 48 hours after shipment.
  • One-Day Domestic – order to be received 24 hours after shipment.
  • Standard International – order to be received three to six weeks after order, though may take as long as eight to 12 weeks, depending on customs.
  • Expedited International – order to be received three to seven days after order, though may take longer depending on customs.

Free Shipping Promotions

BMVD products are excluded from free shipping options.

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