Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule on Amazon

The fee schedule is the timetable used by Amazon to withdraw certain charges from the seller’s account. Which fees are taken out will vary according to type of Seller Account, as well as the amount of and type of merchandise that has been sold for that given period of time.

Sample of Fees & Charges

Some fees and charges that will be extracted from the seller’s overall profit include, but are not limited to:

  • Referral Fee: A referral fee is charged to Amazon Marketplace sellers for listing the product on the market.
  • Pick and Pack Fee: This is a charge for Amazon handling the actual selection and packaging of an item that is being stored in the Amazon warehouse.
  • Per-Item Fee: Standard Seller Account holders will be charged a per-item fee for every product that is sold in the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Monthly Subscription Fee. If a seller has a Pro Merchant Account, the per-item fee is waived for a single, monthly charge. For sellers who generate a large quantity of transactions, this is a more worthwhile option.

See the fees and charges page for a full listing of the fees Amazon requires.

How Fees Are Collected and Delivered to the Seller

The full price of the items sold, including shipping charges and other accrued fees, are all combined and delivered to Amazon collectively after each purchase. Once the Seller Account fees are deducted, the total amount remaining is paid to the seller upon the completion of the 14-day payment cycle.

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