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How to Maximize Product Visibility

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As a major retailer, Amazon offers sellers the means to reach a large number of customers all over the world. To do the best job of capturing a buyer’s attention, sellers are advised to maximize their product visibility. They can do so by implementing the following tips:

How to rank high in the Amazon search

To optimize a product’s rank in the Amazon search, sellers should:

  1. Use keywords – common terms – that increase the chances of product discoverability.
  2. Use simple, clear, and detailed product titles that include brand, description, product line, color, size, quantity, and material, where applicable.
  3. List as many products as they can, for increased visibility.
  4. Submit as many search terms as are possible in the permitted 250 characters, with no need to specify title, merchant, or brand name, as they are included automatically.
  5. Make sure to attribute each product to more than one Browse Node for increased visibility.

How to increase product appeal

Sellers can increase a product’s appeal by following these tips:

  • Product descriptions should be clear and detailed. Sellers should use consistent bullet lists that describe features of the product, including specific details.
  • Products should be cross-listed. Sellers should associate their products with accessories, using Inventory Files, run Promotions, and include So You’d Like to Guides where possible.
  • Pricing and delivery time should be competitive. Sellers should use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), a system in which Amazon employees select, pack, and ship items on behalf of the seller, or consider a similar streamlined fulfillment approach. Whatever the fulfillment program, inventory, pricing, and product details should be up-to-date to ensure happy customers.
  • Product listings should include attractive, accurate images. Sellers should make sure that the images they use comply with Amazon’s Product Image Requirements.

When sellers maximize their presence on Amazon, they also increase the visibility of their products. Specifically, when a seller “wins the Buy Box” – which happens when the seller achieves Featured Merchant Status and customers choose to purchase the given product from that seller at checkout from among several merchants – the seller’s standing as well as its products enjoy an increased Amazon presence.

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