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Amazon helps sellers maintain their good standing by notifying them when they have inventory in Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers that are at risk of being subject to Long Term Storage Fees. This notification arrives via the Recommended Removals Report, and enables sellers to remove the less popular items from their inventory before Amazon’s storage charges are applied.

Preempting Inventory Cleanup

Each year, on both February 15 and August 15, Amazon determines which products have remained in Amazon Fulfillment Centers for a minimum of 365 days, and then charges the sellers of those products Long Term Storage Fees.

The Recommended Removals Report identifies the products that have been in the Fulfillment Centers for 270 days, allowing sellers to remove them from the Fulfillment Centers before the Inventory Cleanup date. The report evaluates the seller’s inventory on an ASIN-by-ASIN level to determine specifically which items should be removed from the inventory.

Note: The report shows 150 products per page, and may be filtered by MSKU and by ASIN.

Removal Process

Amazon provides sellers with a ready removal order request form that sellers populate by clicking the Begin Removal Process button. When sellers click that button, all of the products in that view will be entered into the removal order request. Sellers may then:

  • Remove products from the removal order list.
  • Add other products to the removal order list.
  • Change the number of items to be removed or disposed of.

All products listed on the removal order request form may be either discarded or returned to the seller, but each removal order request may be used for only one of those actions. When a seller wants to have some of the items on the list removed, and others disposed of, then separate removal order requests should be submitted for each action.

Note: Sellers who intend to remove more than 150 products must use different removal order request forms for each page view.

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