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Selling privileges are the rights guaranteed to the seller by Amazon when working within the Amazon Marketplace. There are specific things that a seller can and cannot do while using an Amazon account, and it is critical that these rules be reviewed and adhered to at all times. Failure to follow the regulations set forth can result in the removal of the selling privileges.

Rights Included in Selling Privileges

The actual selling privileges are broad and varied, but the general category includes:

  • Listing items on the Amazon Marketplace: This refers to an individual item or a bulk amount. Listings will be subject to the rules and requirements found within the seller’s Participation Agreement.
  • Choosing a price for the products being sold: This must also comply with the General Pricing Rule, but is flexible to the seller’s discretion within these limitations.
  • Requesting manual transfers: Sellers can request a manual transfer of funds outside of the regularly scheduled transfers.
  • Changing seller profile: Sellers can change and tailor their profiles as they see fit.
  • Organizing reports: Sellers can see a range of reports to help organize and understand their accounts better.
  • Utilizing organizational tools: Sellers can access documents and tools that will help streamline the selling process.
  • Offering promotional sales: Pro Merchant account holders can have promotional offers.

Restrictions on Selling Privileges

While a seller is given the right to list items on Amazon freely, the products must comply with the regulations and standards that are set forth for those products. Each category on Amazon can have its own set of rules that override the general selling privileges, which is why it is advisable to review them all to keep informed.

Some guidelines include:

  • Holiday Restrictions: Holiday seasons have specific guidelines about what the seller can or can’t do. Some sellers may not be eligible to sell under the Toys & Games category during the holiday seasons if they do not meet with specific criteria listed on Amazon such as enforcing a Late Shipment Rate of less than 4%, using an Order Defect Rate of less than 1%, and meeting a minimum order requirement.
  • Alcohol Limitations: Alcoholic beverages must be sold from a previous sanctioned seller, and liquor licenses are completely forbidden to be sold on Amazon.
  • Copyright Infringements: Illegal replications of art or other items that expressly breach copyright laws are strictly prohibited.
  • Jewelry Guidelines: When selling fine jewelry, the listing and description must adhere to the guidelines set up by the Federal Trade Commission

For a full list of all the required conditions and restrictions on these selling privileges, view the Listing Restrictions Required Statements table.

Removal or Restrictions of Selling Privileges

Selling privileges can be revoked or suspended for a number of reasons including:

  • Inadequate Performance Metrics: Privileges can be suspended or revoked due to mediocre selling performance as measured by the specific Amazon-given Performance Metrics.
  • Infringement of one of the Amazon regulations: If a seller is caught misrepresenting a product or service or attempting to list unlawful paraphernalia, then his selling privileges may be removed.

Privilege Penalties

When a seller fails to meet specific criteria or standards held by Amazon, several consequences may occur. The exact restrictions are left to the discretion of Amazon, but some of the possible penalties include:

  • The cancellation of a specific item or group of listings within the Amazon Marketplace.
  • A limitation on the amount of items that the seller is entitled to list for a given period of time.
  • A complete freeze on listing privileges for a given period of time.
  • A complete removal of all selling privileges for the seller permanently.

Appealing Revoked Selling Privileges

In order to ensure that the selling privileges continue, all sellers are advised to keep their accounts in good standings in terms of their Seller Rating. Some common good practices to follow include:

  • Listing Accuracy: Make sure the listing is accurate, including both description of the product and of the services that the seller intends to provide (money back guarantee, for example).
  • Product Safety: Ensure that the products listed are safe, compliant with health, environmental and other category specific standards, quality.

If sellers’ privileges have been removed, they can appeal the revocation in an attempt to regain their selling status.

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