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Given the potential malfunction or damage of products, sellers are advised to familiarize themselves with Amazon’s formal Warranty Policy to prepare themselves for any issues that may arise.

General Warranty Policy

For all technical media purchased through the Amazon Marketplace, Amazon has a one-year warranty policy provided by the manufacturer of the given device. The warranty and repairs are the manufacturer’s responsibility and follow individual company procedures. If an item is delivered already damaged or if an item shows signs of damage or malfunction within the first month after receipt by the buyer, Amazon will replace the item regardless of warranty and company policies. After this time, the obligation is handed over to the service provider for the remainder of the warranty length.

Warranty Information

Because Amazon does not supply the actual repair and maintenance services for an item under warranty, buyers are advised to contact the individual manufacturer directly with complaints or issues. While Amazon only has limited (if any) knowledge of the direct product in question, most manufacturers have informative websites that answer any user’s questions. Some items sold on Amazon include the manufacturer’s warranty information directly on the product page, and these products come with documentation from the manufacturer. In case of damage, malfunction or other issues, buyers should refer to the manufacturer’s documents before attempting other communication.

Warranty Issues

Even after the standard return policy period has passed, many manufacturers will honor the warranty agreement. As mentioned above, the buyer should review the documentation that was received with the item to understand the specific warranty in question. Amazon and its affiliated e-commerce networks may or may not be considered legitimate sources of purchase according to some manufacturers. The buyer must be in touch with the specific company to inquire whether the sale is authorized and the item covered under the warranty.

Kindle Warranty Information

All Kindles and Kindle software, downloads, streams, and files are subject to a different warranty from the other Amazon products. The warranty is provided directly by an Amazon Fulfillment Center, and the conditions are listed below:

  • The conditional warranty applies only to items that have been used and handled in the normal manner. Products that were damaged due to fire, inadvertent mishandling, intentional abuse, or any other form of extrinsic force are not covered under the provided warranty.
  • The limited guarantee puts forward this assurance for ninety days from receipt of product or the fulfillment of the given warranty, whichever is longer.
  • The limited guarantee states that Amazon has the right to choose from the following courses of action:
    • Replacing or repairing parts using new or restored parts from the Service Center.
    • Supplying a new or restored and fully functional unit to the buyer in its entirety.
    • Refunding in full or part, the amount of the original purchase.

Amazon is not responsible for any erased or misplaced information that was stored on the device prior to repair. For this reason, users are highly encouraged to back up their devices before shipping them to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers. All damaged devices should be shipped in protective packaging – either the original shipping material or another form of protective material.

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