Pricing for private label products requires a unique approach. With no competition, and no fight for the Buy Box, how do you know what price to set?

Find The Right Price

Stop flying blind. Our self-learning algorithms map the demand for your private label product based on historical sales and current market data, and find the exact price for optimum profit. This price is constantly updated according to any relevant market changes.

Sell At the Optimal speed

Gain better control of your inventory by ensuring you don’t sell out too fast or get stuck with slow moving inventory. Set your sales pace, and let our algorithms take care of the rest!

Easy Configuration and Setup

No need to input any rules or identify any reference products. Our demand model kicks in as soon as you enter your ceiling price and floor price, and all the rest is automated. It’s really that simple.

Compatible with FBA and Seller-Fulfilled Products

No need to worry about which items to reprice with us. Our repricer is compatible with both FBA and seller-fulfilled products, and you can choose to reprice as many or as few as you like.
“...Feedvisor has opened a new world for a large seller like us by enabling us to manage our business a lot more effectively and with significantly less effort. The Feedvisor dashboard and algorithmic repricer have enabled us to determine how best to increase profit whilst remaining competitive with the market companies.”