Top 10 Growth Hacks from
a $50M Amazon Seller

Mendel Mangel grew a leading cell phone distributor business into a full-blown
$50 million Amazon operation. Find out his best practices for growth.

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In the guide: Top 10 Growth Hacks from
a $50M Amazon Seller, Mendel will teach you:

Proven strategies for creating a $50M brand on Amazon

Killer insights and insider tips for multimillion-dollar scalability

Real-life examples and step-by-step actions you need to take

About Mendel Mangel, VP of Online Sales at EMD

For the past seven years, Mendel has been managing the purchasing and sales at EMD — a company specializing in electronics and accessories through domestic and international eCommerce and wholesale channels. He is responsible for growing existing accounts as well as developing new accounts worldwide. Developing and maintaining supplier relationships has been a key contributor to his business’s success.