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Boost Your Amazon Prime Day 2023 Discoverability

By Marissa Incitti April 27, 2023

Last year’s Prime Day was a record-breaking event, topping just over $12 billion in total global sales, and showing a modest 8% increase from 2021. 

However, Amazon claimed it was the “biggest event ever”, especially for its selling partners, most of whom are small to medium sized businesses. 

With customers spending over $3 billion on more than 100 million small business items last year, expect Prime Day 2023 to be even larger, which is why sellers need to start optimizing their strategies now.

If you want to maximize results and have the most successful Prime Day ever, then download this playbook to learn essential strategies around pricing, advertising, inventory, and more.

What’s Revealed in the Prime Day Playbook:

  • Prime Day Prep: Tips for Optimizing Listings and Incorporating SEO-Focused Keywords on Product Pages
  • Preventing Inventory and Shipment Challenges: Preparation Techniques to Avoid Restocking Delays
  • Effective Pricing Strategies: The Advantages of an SKU-Level Approach for Top-Selling ASINs and Under-Converting Products
  • Maximizing Ad Spend Returns: Comprehensive Advertising Strategies to Implement Before, During, and After Prime Day

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