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Amazon Repricing Software: Your Secret Weapon for Prime Day Success

Understand the benefits of utilizing repricing software for your success on Amazon Prime Day. Learn tips for maximizing your Prime Day sales here. By Tallie Gabriel June 13, 2022
Amazon Repricing Software Your Secret Weapon for Prime Day Success

For sellers on Amazon, Prime Day is one of the most important sales days of the year. Shoppers wait to take advantage of some of the best deals of the year, setting sellers up for a very lucrative day – if they use the right strategies and solutions to maximize their profits.

To win the Buy Box more consistently and regularly on Prime Day, sellers can’t do it alone. You need a leading repricing tool that works behind the scenes on your behalf to make sure your products are priced competitively to win out over the competition and get your products into shoppers’ carts. If you have been eager to see great success and growth in your sales, then utilizing a repricing software for Amazon Prime Day is the right move for you. 

Repricing technology follows changes in market conditions to make sure your products are at the right price to sell and increase profits

So How Exactly Does a Repricer Help You Win Prime Day Sales?

A marketplace repricer helps sellers win sales at the highest possible price on a specific marketplace (such as Amazon’s) by continually monitoring the listing and evaluating the quality of the competition to consistently place your items at the optimal price.

Repricing technology follows changes in market conditions to make sure your products are priced at a point that is selling while also increasing your profits.

It’s possible to do this work manually, but highly tedious, and few sellers can keep up with rapidly shifting market conditions enough to effectively reprice on their own.

A repricer sets sellers up to ensure that technology works for you to make sure you’re winning the Buy Box as often as possible on Amazon Prime Day and securing prospective buyers’ sales.

Not All Repricers Are Created Equal

There’s a significant but subtle difference between types of repricers. Rule-based repricers require sellers to set strict rules for floor and ceiling price boundaries. They’re unable to be truly dynamic since they need heavier user input and don’t have the machine learning capabilities that enable them to improve automatically and grow sales on your business’s behalf.

However, an algorithmic repricer is AI-powered and learns intelligently from every piece of data it collects. Algorithmic repricers like Feedvisor’s analyze thousands of points of product and sales data per minute, using this information to determine the optimal price for your products and land them in the Buy Box. 

The AI advantage means that Feedvisor’s algorithm is fully automated and free of rules, ensuring that its repricing methods will never risk your profit margins or compromise your prices.

Why is an Algorithmic Repricer Better for Turn-Key Events?

An algorithmic repricer becomes even more valuable when considering that Amazon does not provide data at an individual seller level under its current API. 

It takes an algorithm to identify the big picture, the current state of the market, other sellers’ prices, and your optimal price to know how to utilize the data to your maximum profitability. 

And when does the market, prices, and profitability all change the most? During turn-key events like Cyber Monday and Prime Day.

The algorithmic repricer will provide continuous intelligent pricing to help you better control and effectively drive demand and profit for holidays.

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Final Thoughts

Ensure your Amazon store is configured to optimize sales and have a repricing strategy in place before Prime Day. 

Feedvisor experts can help you take advantage of our algorithm-powered repricing technology to meet your unique sales goals and business needs, giving you a better chance of winning the Buy Box on Amazon Prime Day and beyond. 

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