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Behind the “Amazon’s Choice” Badge

When did Amazon begin putting its "Amazon's Choice" badge on items? What can sellers and brands do to increase their changes of getting it? Find out here. By IT March 18, 2019
Behind the “Amazon’s Choice” Badge

Consumers allow a variety of factors to inform their purchase decisions on Amazon — think price, Prime eligibility, and positive reviews. Certain items can receive a graphite badge that says “Amazon’s Choice” above it, which serve to attract consumers by being clearly labeled with the Amazon brand, instilling credibility and driving shopper trust.

According to Amazon, Amazon’s Choice got its origin in 2015 as a way to “simplify shopping for customers by highlighting highly rated, well-priced products ready to ship immediately for the most popular searches on Amazon. It allows customers to make fast and easy decisions on what to buy. Amazon’s Choice is just our recommendation, customers can always ask for specific brands or products if they choose.”

For sellers and brands operating on Amazon, getting the attention-grabbing “Amazon’s Choice” badge on an item or group of items in your catalog can enable high-impact results — increased traffic and conversion. You cannot request to have your items selected as “Amazon’s Choice” but offering items that are high quality and competitively priced will increase your chances of receiving the stamp of approval.

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According to Business Insider, Amazon has revealed how it determines which products earn the badge. Characteristics the items typically have are a low return rate, high customer ratings, Prime availability, competitive pricing, and frequently purchased by customers running similar search queries. There is not, however, one complete list of requirements that applies to all items that have received the badge.

For each product search, only one item is dubbed as “Amazon’s Choice” and is not always the first item listed in organic search results. Although the item sometimes appears below the fold, it is hard to miss with the prominent Amazon badge.

Amazon also gives the label to different products depending on the keywords used. For example, if you search “birthday candles” and then “candles for birthday,” the results will show two different items with the “Amazon’s Choice” label. In a growing number of cases, Amazon includes a bulleted list for why a product was selected (i.e. 35% fewer returns than similar products, 4.5-star rating with over 4,200 reviews, etc.).

Final Thoughts

By regularly monitoring your traffic and conversion rates for the items in your catalog, you will more effectively be able to understand the driving factors behind an accelerated sales velocity, which will in turn likely positively impact your ability to receive an “Amazon’s Choice” badge. Ensuring product listing optimization and strong seller performance metrics and account health should take care of the heavy-lifting when it comes to increasing your chances of getting the badge of recommendation.

Because Amazon leads with Choice items when consumers ask Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated device, for specific items, you should prioritize optimizing your pricing to remain competitive, providing a seamless user experience that will generate positive reviews, and making all of your items Prime-eligible.

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