Fuel Your Funnel With Amazon DSP

Join us on Tuesday, August 9th at 3pm EDT to learn how to set up sustainable ROI with DSP during our webinar with Amazon Ad experts.

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Start Seeing Upper Funnel Results with DSP

By Feedvisor August 9, 2022

Amazon ad offerings are evolving to include more upper-funnel options, shifting from performance to brand-building ads. These include awareness-driving formats like digital display and video.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What DSP really is (and what it isn’t)

  • Tips to reach your goals using DSP (including a timeline for when you’ll see results)

  • Steps to track and measure ROI, including upper-funnel success

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that helps you set up sustainable ROI by utilizing Amazon’s audience data and expansive advertising offerings.

As upper-funnel ads continue to grow in importance, learn how you can begin incorporating DSP into your advertising strategies to meet your goals, including a total lift in sales, improved RoAS, brand loyalty, or New-to-Brand purchases.

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