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Enhance Brand Visibility With Headline Search Ads

Learn how to drive additional traffic to your Amazon product listings and increase your product discoverability with Headline Search Ads. By IT April 9, 2018
Enhance Brand Visibility With Headline Search Ads

Closely following the Buy Box as the most coveted space on Amazon’s platform, the top of Amazon’s search results page is highly sought after by third-party sellers in order to increase conversions, boost campaign performance, and elevate brand exposure.

Previously only available to vendors via Amazon Marketing Services, Headline Search Ads (HSA) became available to third-party e-retailers in late Q3 2018. The ads, which are static banner ads in the prominent, “sweet spot” positioning at the top of Amazon’s SERP, are keyword-driven and designed to propel traffic to your product listings.

They show up above the search results on a desktop, Amazon’s mobile site, and Amazon’s app and stretch across the entirety of the page, with only one Headline Search Ad per page. The ads are a great opportunity to isolate top-movers or push specific SKUs based on seasonality or business goals.

Open to Professional sellers who are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, Headline Search Ads function on a cost-per-click basis, so sellers only pay for clicks, not impressions. The layout of the ad is a customized design with a headline and message up to 50 characters, a brand logo, and up to three featured products. Sellers must also have at least three products in the below list of open categories in order to participate in the advertising campaign.

HSA categories

If a customer clicks on any of the three items, they will be sent to the detail page for that specific product. If the customer clicks on the brand logo or headline in the ad, they will be sent to a search results page that includes products that the seller has chosen to feature.

With products for HSA grouped in three, sellers can group products that they are looking to focus on pushing, that they want more visibility for, or that they want to promote across specific categories.

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Creating a Headline Search Ad

  1. Create a custom message to promote your brand.
  2. Compile a 400×400 pixel logo to include in the ad.
  3. Identify the shoppers that you want to target and the search keywords that they will be likely to use.
  4. Identify goals and target clicks to monitor your campaign’s performance.
  5. In Seller Central, click on ‘Headline Search Ads’ and then ‘Create Campaign.’
  6. Avoid time-stamped claims such as “best” or “top-selling” and utilize evergreen content that is unique and relevant to your highlighted products. Urge customers to “Buy Now” or “Save Now.”
  7. Submit the ad for approval and Amazon will notify you of approval or any necessary changes within 72 hours.

Headline Search Ads support the need for sellers to invest time and resources in rich, valuable, and compelling product content. Not only will lackluster content fail to improve rank, but it will limit your discoverability and brand awareness across the Amazon marketplace.

With Amazon making a major push toward its advertising sector, it’s crucial for sellers to optimize their product listings through the various campaign offerings in order to make a high impact on their conversion performance.

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