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Making Pricing Your Strength: A Chat With Mark Perone of Feedvisor

Watch Feedvisor's interview with MyFBAPrep on the challenges of multichannel diversification and how AI-first technology can help. By Rachel Horner February 29, 2024
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Mark Perone, Head of Partnerships at Feedvisor, sat down to chat with Rachel Go of MyFBAPrep about multichannel pricing, the role of AI in eCommerce, and much more. You can watch and listen to the recording below.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • The challenges of multichannel diversification
  • How Feedvisor’s algorithmic repricer can help sellers achieve price parity
  • The role of AI-first technology in today’s eCommerce landscape

With multi-channel diversification on the rise, strategic pricing has evolved. Mark Perone breaks down the challenges this new landscape brings and the role technology can play in achieving price synergy.



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