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7 Ways to Successfully Liquidate Amazon Inventory

Do you have excess stock that you need to sell through? Discover seven actionable ways you can liquidate surplus Amazon inventory. By IT February 20, 2019
7 Ways to Successfully Liquidate Amazon Inventory [Guide]

Whether optimizing future orders from your suppliers, refining operating logistics, or strategically monitoring replenishment, establishing an effective inventory strategy is an integral facet of any Amazon business. However, just like with spikes in demand when products sometimes run out of stock, there are also instances where you can end up with excess inventory that is underperforming or standing static and not converting at all.

In these circumstances, you may decide that liquidating the inventory makes the most sense for your business. In this guide, we provide a comprehensive overview of strategic ways that you can approach Amazon inventory liquidation. Whether you have unsold inventory from the holiday season, overbought from a supplier, or your sales velocity is stifled due to product detail page issues, there are several options available to help you clear out that inventory before it compromises profits.

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What Will You Discover Inside the Guide?

  • Actions you can take to increase discoverability and ignite sales for slow-moving or stagnant items
  • How to leverage Sponsored Products and other Amazon promotional methods to clear out dead inventory
  • Detailed requirements and restrictions for Amazon’s inventory removal process
  • Amazon’s definition of excess inventory and how to incorporate this into your greater inventory management strategy

Maintaining visibility and control of your inventory levels is a key facet of any Amazon business — including top selling items that have reached the end of their product life cycle. With surplus inventory, there are a variety of tactics that you can employ to make sure that you are not depleting resources on long-term storage fees for items that are not converting, and instead transition your focus to the items that are driving sales and profits.

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