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How to Use Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer to Maximize Sales

Understand how Amazon product research tools can maximize sales with an in-depth look at Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer. By Dawn Jenks May 3, 2022
Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer Feature

For any brand to succeed on Amazon, it must sell the right products to the right customer base. Recognizing this as a critical factor to sellers’ success, Amazon launched a new Product Opportunity Explorer tool in October 2021. This feature is currently available to Amazon’s US and German marketplace sellers, with plans to roll it out to additional marketplaces throughout 2022. 

Read on to learn what Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer is and how to use it to discover and research new product opportunities based on customer demand.

What is Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer?

According to Amazon’s official release, Opportunity Explorer allows you to understand Amazon customer search and purchasing behavior to evaluate if there is unmet customer demand and an opportunity for you to meet that demand through new products. You can explore up-to-date and accurate data on customer needs and the current selection on Amazon.” 

This product research tool delivers insight into consumer behavior based on frequent search terms being used and purchases made. It uses the concept of market niches – which are popular search terms bundled together based on similarities. Each niche is comprised using the following metrics:

  • Search terms 
  • Search volume
  • Search volume growth
  • Search conversion rate
  • Units sold 
  • Average price
  • Top 3 clicked products 
  • Percentage of products using Sponsored Products
  • Percentage of Prime 
  • Average brand age for the niche
  • Number of new products launched
  • Average product listing quality
  • Click count
  • Click share (within the niche)
  • Average customer rating 
  • Average Best Seller Rank (BSR)
  • The average number of sellers

Using this data, Product Opportunity Explorer helps sellers research and determine which products are profitable and meeting current customer demand.

The Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer tool provides suggested niches based on the seller’s listing categories and sales history.

How Does the Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer Work?

Sellers can locate this tool in their Seller Central by clicking the “Growth” drop-down menu, then “Product Opportunity Explorer.” It provides suggested niches based on the seller’s listing categories and sales history. In addition to suggested niches, it also offers two search options – where you can submit specific keywords in the search bar or use the “browse and filter” button to explore different Amazon niches by search volume or by the total number of products available.

  • Search Volume – This filters niches based on 10-20 keywords and provides results from the past 90 days or 360 days. You also have the option to see percentage changes within those timeframes.
  • Total Number of Available Products – This identifies the total number of products within a specific niche, compiled based on customer search terms and most-clicked products.

When you have your preferred niche, Product Opportunity Explorer presents the data on a “Search Results” dashboard, which shows the niche results based on a specific keyword search, and these are the metrics you can review by niche: 

  • Customer Need: Similar items that meet users’ needs, compiled as niches.
  • Top Search Terms: Additional keywords related to a market niche.
  • Search Volume: The times customers used the search terms within a niche.
  • Search Volume Growth: Percentage changes in keyword volume.
  • Units Sold: Product sales completed after entering a niche-related search term.
  • Total Products: The number of items within a niche, including top-picked options.
  • Average Price: Selling price for all niche products.

Sellers can click on each result to review the Niche Details.

Product Opportunity Explorer Splits the Data into Three Tabs: Products, Search Terms, and Insights

1. The Products tab provides information on the ASIN level, including these metrics:

  • Parent ASIN name
  • Brand name
  • Category
  • Launch date
  • Number of clicks
  • Click share
  • Average selling price
  • Total number of reviews
  • Average customer rating
  • Avg. Best-Selling Rank (BSR)
  • Total number of sellers and vendors

2. The Search Terms tab includes data on niche search terms with the following data:

  • Search term
  • Search volume
  • Search volume growth
  • Click share
  • Search conversion rate
  • Top 3 clicked products

3. The Insight tab includes information to assess the potential for launching new listings, providing these stats: 

  • Number of products
  • % of products using sponsored products
  • % of Prime
  • Top products click share
  • Average best-selling rate
  • Average number of reviews
  • Number of brands
  • Top brands click share
  • Average brand age by niche
  • Number of selling partners
  • Average sales partner age in niche
  • Number of new products launched
  • Number of successful launches

Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer Benefits

Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer allows sellers to strategize their product offerings based on potential success and determine the most profitable items to sell. Additionally, it is a handy research tool for sellers and brands who are new to selling on Amazon, as it helps them navigate through niches and product categories and helps match inventory to demand needs.

However, it’s important to remember that Product Opportunity Explorer only provides the data, and it’s up to each merchant to use these statistics to source their own profitable products to sell. 

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Dawn Jenks is a copywriter for Feedvisor, where she develops SEO e-commerce product descriptions and is a contributing blog writer. She was previously a travel public relations executive, and enjoys running, hiking, cooking, and reading.

Final Thoughts

Amazon sellers need access to accurate and timely market data to grow their business. Product Opportunity Explorer is a great asset for helping to eliminate guesswork, dive deep into customer behavior, and see where demand can be met when selling on Amazon.

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