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Interview With Lotem Alon, Feedvisor Business Strategy Expert

Lotem Alon, business strategy expert at Feedvisor, explains her role and how Feedvisor's technology helps customers understand their online businesses. By Lauren Glover May 7, 2018
Interview With Lotem Alon, Feedvisor Business Strategy Expert
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Lauren is a Marketing Consultant at Blue Seedling, a New York-based marketing firm. When not working with Blue Seedling, Lauren can be found producing podcasts and directing live shows for the children’s media company Story Pirates.

You’ve been a business strategy expert at Feedvisor for about ten months. Tell us what it’s been like to work here.

I love this place. We have great people and amazing technology, and when you combine those two things together, you get a company that really changes our customers’ lives and really has an impact on the e-commerce world.

What specifically do you like about the culture here?

As I mentioned before, we have really good people, and we know how to have fun, in addition to our hard work, of course. On Thursday afternoons, right before the weekend starts here in Israel, I like to kick a soccer ball around the office if I need some energy. It’s the kind of place where we always celebrate birthdays, and there are…occasional pranks [laughs].

How did you decide to join Feedvisor?

I knew someone who worked here, and he thought that I would be a really good fit for the company and encouraged me to apply. I started researching, and immediately I felt connected to the product. Additionally, Feedvisor has a fantastic reputation in the Israeli startup ecosystem.

I saw that it was something that had a huge impact on online sellers’ businesses and really their whole lives, and so I knew almost immediately that Feedvisor was the right fit for me. Additionally, with offices in the US and Israel, the international environment was a huge draw for me.

Tell us more about your role as a business strategy expert on the customer success team.

When a new customer joins Feedvisor, they get a dedicated account manager who works with them on a regular basis. They work on the customer’s operational and strategic issues – both small and large scale problems that they need to solve in order to grow their business.

Our account managers become trusted business advisers to our customers and add a lot of value to their businesses. My role at the company is to make sure our account managers have the best methodologies and training that will make them even better advisers.

Let’s talk a little more specifically about the technology that you use here. What is the overall goal of Feedvisor’s technology for its customers?

Most of our customers are so entrenched in the day to day of their businesses. Our technology and the data it provides can help them take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Our goal is to help our customers understand their business as a whole, and by looking at really specific data, make the smartest decisions.

Our dashboard helps distill our customers’ businesses into a clear story that shows them their strengths, their challenges, and their next steps, all with clear data to back it up.

How do you think Feedvisor is ahead of the curve in the e-commerce world?

We have an immense amount of data. We have data about our customers. We have data about the consumers. We have data about the competition. We have data about trends. When you put everything together and apply machine-learning, you can make really smart decisions for your business.

In addition to our machine-learning technology, we have top-notch teams working on our accounts, people who have a tremendous amount of expertise and are really invested in our customers. It’s a winning combination – not just the revolutionary technology or strong relationships with our customers, but both.

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